Scorching heat wave will continue for next 2 days across Sindh

KARACHI: A wave of scorching heat hit Sindh province on Monday till wednesday, By 3:00 pm, Pakistan Meteorological Department recorded 42 degrees centigrade temperature in Hyderabad and Nawabshah, while 41 in Karachi, Mithi and Khairpur. Sukkur, Larkana and Badin received 40 degrees centigrade temperature.

People were forced to stay indoors to avoid the heat. The commuters also faced trouble during travelling. As it was the first wave of heat during this summer, so people suffered much torment from it. The school children were most sufferers.

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The Metrological department recorded hot and dry weather in Karachi and other parts of Sindh. It said that hot and dry weather is likely to prevail in Karachi from Monday to Thursday, where temperatures are likely to range from 38°C to 41°C. The wind remained variable in speed and direction with low humidity, it further said.

The experts have advised the citizens to stay indoors so as to avoid any heat stroke. They have also advised the government to ensure the establishment of heat stroke centres in all cities and towns of Sindh.

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