Shehbaz Sharif’s Official website ‘ShehbazSpeed’ Hacked

President Pakistan Muslim League (Noon) (PML-N)  Shehbaz Sharif’s Official website ‘ShehbazSpeed‘ has been hacked by Pakistani Hackers today.

A Hacker who introduced himself as Mr.Pakistan kept the identity anonymous said “We are against Corrupt Politicians and wait for more” as Hackers hints about more sites to be defaced in upcoming days.

Wait for Next Attacks !
Feel the Power of Pakistani Awam


ShehbazSpeed Official website hacked
ShehbazSpeed Official website hacked


Mr.Pakistan seems to be the spokesman of a Group which has not shared any name over ‘ShehbazSpeed’ site and In the image on the defaced site shows PTI, PPPP and PML-N official logos which clears that, Hacker is not after any individual or Political Party but the corruption.

Usually PML-N blames PTI and so does PTI blames PPPP Jiyala hackers, However, in a new wave, Pakistani Hacker out of the blues has decided to convey a message over the web.

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