Sindh Govt extends lockdown till 15 July 2020

KARACHI: Sindh lockdown has been extended till 15 July 2020 by the Provincial Government due to rising coronavirus cases according to the notification issued by the Sindh Home Department.

The notification states that the orders mentioned will come into force at once and remain in force till 15 July 2020. Anyone found violating these lockdown orders shall be strictly dealt with in accordance with the law.

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According to the notification of the Sindh Lockdown extension the following shall remain closed:

  1. Marriage Hall. Business Centres, Expo Halls
  2. All contact sport, indoor Sports Club, indoor Gyms and Sports facilities
  3. Sporting tournament, indoor and outdoor
  4. Restaurants, Cafes excluding takeaway and Home delivery
  5. Theme, Amusement Park and Arcades
  6. Beauty Parlors and Spas
  7. Cinemas and Theaters
  8. Public Procession, Gathering of all Nature / Shrines
  9. Tourism / Tourist Hotels
  10. Inter-Provincial Transport (Inter-city transport shall remain operational).

Work Days and Timings as per Sindh Lockdown notification:

  • Business timings except pharmacies and essential services — Five days per week (Monday-Friday) from Morning to Maghreb (6:00 am to 7:00 pm).
  • Restaurant & Cafes etc — all days of week (closed for customer dine-in and only Take away and home delivery allowed) as follows:
    – Take away & Home Delivery ( 06:00 am to 07:00 pm)
    – Home Delivery only (07:00 pm to 0)00 pm).

Preventative Measures to be taken:

  1. Avoiding unnecessary coming out of houses strict restrictions from 07:00 pm to 06:00 am.
  2. Mandatory wearing of face mask for coming out at ‘any public place
  3. Keeping distance &over 3 feet between persons at all times
  4. Frequent hand washing or use of proper hand sanitizer
  5. Adherence to distancing protocols while travelling by any transport
  6. Strict adherence to SOPs at Offices / Workplaces etc.
  7. Strict adherence to SOPs issued by the Provincial and Federal Governments from time to time.

Below is the full copy of the notification issued:

Sindh Lockdown
Sindh Lockdown notice page 1.
Sindh Lockdown
Page 2.

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