Beacon House and City School Registration Suspended

Karachi:  Sindh Government suspends the registration of Beacon House and City School on Wednesday. The registration is suspended till further notice.

Directorate of the Inspection/Registration of private institutions Sindh, Education, and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh has issued notices to suspend the registration of these two privately run Schools.

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The Government of Sindh took the step on Wednesday over their failure to comply with the courts’ orders.

Beacon House and City School Registration Suspended

Sindh High Court had ruled in September that private schools cannot increase tuition fees more than 5% per annum. Notices were also issued to the Federal Government on the imposition of income tax on school fees.

The decision was announced by the court upon receiving complaints from more than 100 parents on fee hikes.

 Registration is suspended for 56 campuses of the City School and 65 campuses of Beacon House. 

 The schools have only seven days to implement courts order. If they fail to comply, the campuses will be sealed.

 The schools are also instructed to compensate for the loss of the parents. They have been instructed to either adjust the extra amount charged of refund the extra fee imposed on the students.

 The Director of Private Schools Sindh has also stated that these schools have been reminded time and again. Letters have also been sent to these schools for the compliance of courts orders regarding fee hike.

The registration will be restored if the schools implement the courts’ orders within seven days otherwise schools will be sealed off.

The court observed that private schools business methods are based on the open market principle of – you get, what you pay for –which is a shameful admission in respect of the noble profession of imparting education.

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