Cyclone Komen drifting toward Indian state Gujarat

Pakistan Meteorologist department ( PMD )  hasn’t issued any warning about the Cyclone Komen in the Arabian sea, however Indian Met department is monitoring closely and issuing warnings for Gujarat state.

The low pressure area in the Arabian Sea has organised into a depression. At 0000 hours GMT it lay 275 kilometers WSW of Veraval, Gujarat. The southern quadrant of the system is throwing winds of 85 km/h. The Eumetsat MPE image was taken at 0400 hours GMT today. The red color denotes heavy rainfall. The system will now move towards the Gujarat coast. Rainfall activity will pick up from tomorrow itself in the region.

Earlier INCPak reported about The latest developement of Cyclone Komen 

30th July 2015 Update 

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Cyclone Komen Heavy Rains in West Bengal and Odisha <

Today 22nd June 2015, The low pressure continues while drizzling in some part of Karachi for 10 to 15 minutes, The high tempretures are expected to drop from tomorrow as Cyclone Komen makes it’s way toward Indian state Gujarat.

Karachi Weather updates

Heatwave likely to continue for next 24-48 hours. Maximum temps will touch 42’C again in karachi however there are upto 50% chances of Local development over the city by late afternoon which may bring some drizzle in isolated areas. – Courtesy of ( Weather Update Pk )

Cyclone Komen



The piece of information obtained from Indian Weather Blog  about the Cyclone Komen, as PMD hasn’t issued any notification.

Depression 97A is expected to enter the coast of Kutch at Lakhpat on the morning of June 24, 2015, Wednesday. The system is expected to intensify into a deep depression as it moves to the Gujarat coast.

Very heavy rainfall is expected in Kutch, Saurashtra and southern Sindh from late Tuesday evening. The rains will extend to north Gujarat and western Rajasthan by Friday.

Winds of 40-50 km/h, gusts up to 60 km/h, will lash the areas from Tuesday night (local time). In short, wind speeds just short of a tropical cyclone.


The present depression 97A in the Arabian Sea will hit the Saurashtra coast between Dwarka and Porbandar on late evening tomorrow that is on June 23, 2015, Tuesday.

It will move through Kutch and then move onto Rajasthan and then Delhi.

Very heavy rainfall is expected in Saurashtra and Kutch in the next 72 hours starting tomorrow afternoon. There may be showers in Sindh on Wednesday.

The rains in Saurashtra and Kutch will be accompanied by strong winds of 50-60 km/h till Thursday.

This forecast is based on NCEP GFS latest data issued just now.

Cyclone Komen Current Position

Cyclone Komen

Cylcone Komen’s position in the Arabian sea is drifting toward Indian State of Gujarat.

Cyclone Komen

It appears as Karachi and the Lower parts of Sindh may get Heavy Rain shower in next 72 hours, as the heatwaves continues killing people in Pakistan. The Death toll has passed 300 only in Karachi !

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Heat Stroke


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