Dire Condition of Civil Hospital Hyderabad

Horrifying images of Civil Hospital Hyderabad, Sindh shared by Hyderabad City, Pakistan’s Admin on Facebook page showing the wounded condition of the hospital inside, Even the Deathrow prisoners surely be in a better place.

Civil Hospital Hyderabad situated in the heart of the city and the purpose to serve the patients because no other hospital takes emergency cases nearby, Government owned hospital is suffering badly and the vital conditions are horrifying.

Images were shared by the Admin of Hyderabad City, Pakistan Facebook page shows the glimpse, being there specially admitted must be horrible. According to 2014-2015 Budget, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Existing Infrastructure got 58% increase in their budget resulting in a total amount of Rs.9.148 billion, But we see a BIG ZERO. 

Shamelessly Government ignoring the basic facilities for the public, Hyderabad has a long history of suffering, This city is considered as the Hub for Thousands of villages and towns in surrounding from where people frequently visit Civil Hospital Hyderabad, but sadly the condition is worst than prison cell, not less than faces of death movie.

Welcome to Civil Hospital Hyderabad

Look at the dire condition of Civil Hospital Hyderabad, There’s no height of corrupition in Sindh specially where politicians are only concerned about themselves and rest of the people can go to hell, Sindh has suffered the most when it comes to corruption and Sindh’s 2nd largest city Hyderabad having General Hospital in this condition makes you think twice.

None of the politician gets admitted here not even their close servants because they can afford private hospital and treatment,  Sindh Government is filled with incompetent and corrupt Officers, These images are just to show you the exact condition of the hospital at this moment, Shame of Sindh Government and Request readers to share this post as much as possible so together we can bring this on Main Stream media.

Don’t these corrupt politicians fear Allah at all? There is no life after death for them? Are they planning to bribe Angels ? I seriously have no clue about these monsters but as the Page Admin said Are you enjoying democracy ? 

DEMOCRACY !!! what a joke…

Civil Hospital , Hyderabad in 1940s

Fact of the matter is, Not too many people wants to do much about Pakistan prepare your vote for the next election !  Thank You Democracy

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