Hindus protest over temple demolition

KARACHI, Dec 2: A large number of members of the Hindu minority community staged a demonstration on Sunday in protest over a demolition operation in a Garden locality, claiming that during the operation a Hindu temple had been damaged and religious objects desecrated..

They added that their houses had been destroyed, and called for stern action against those responsible for it.

Speaking at the demonstration organised by the Hindu Panchayat of Doly Khata at the Karachi Press Club, community elders said they had been living at the place for over 100 years and it was for the past some time that officials and private individuals had been harassing them to vacate a plot, and the issue was in court. However, on Saturday morning some people accompanied by the police and Rangers arrived there and started the demolition operation, they said, adding that they had not been informed and the operation was started all of a sudden.

They claimed that the people accompanying the police took away their religious objects, gold jewellery and other valuables and then started to damage the temple.

They said that some people, including Sohen Bhai, Ashok and Sanjay (a boy), Lachhman, who were trying to protect the temple and bring back the snatched religious objects were injured during the process.

Pakistan Hindu Council chief Ramesh Vankwani said the action was uncalled for and the way the demolition was carried out showed a mala fide intention.

He said that the court was moved and a stay order had been granted and the next hearing would be held on Dec 7.

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