Karachi -When you try to make living there is no such thing as pride

Karachi – The new trend, in the metropolitan city where already citizens are scared to death, since daily routine killings has made the life disable but then again each one has to make their own living somehow, Lady Auto Rickshaw Driver well for Islamabad it’s not a new thing since the lady Taxi Driver already holds the record of the First Taxi Driver in Pakistan, now In Karachi couple of Rickshaw drivers can be seen on the streets.

I left the this question on Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page where I Asked Members about their opinion about it this is what they said :-

Sharing Is Caring That’s the spirit! – SDP

Jawaid Iqbal GOOD IDEA.. :)

Muhammad Haroon May Allah bless her with lot of wealth

Ŝhệiķĥ Nømƛn Its appreciatable

Sharing Is Caring well this is a very good step taken by this lady . plus the earning burden will be shared and the women passengers feel safe while travelling (asad)

She’s supporting the family, since keeping up with the financial ups and downs isn’t easy for the children’s education and house hold while husband is also supportive. The Citizen of Karachi need peaceful enviroment than anything else but even than in such situation this is very daring step because it is hard to believe, Same like Sharing Is Caring Page members said it is appreciable and no doubt it takes guts and just as a I titled it ” When you go out try to make living there’s no such thing as pride ” .

I am sure those who understand that life isn’t fairy tale and regardless of self-pride this lady has taken the step which is motivating for many others to do something rather than being dependent I just hope and pray Pakistani Police doesn’t disturb Ladies and people respond back as they do to normal Auto Richshaw drivers.

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