New Formula by OGRA presented to SC (CNG)

Since the Supreme Court slashed CNG Price back to what it should be, OGRA and APCNG ( All Pakistan CNG Association ) are unhappy, Price dropped 30 Rupees directly, which shows how corruption is going on in our departments, It was unbelievable moment for the nation but they didn’t knew that OGRA and APCNG would start drama since almost a month prices are down where they should be OGRA is making new formulas to present in front of Supreme Court, today 19th November was the hearing. which SC adjourned till December 5,2012  with the statement to maintain the same price.

Well sounds good, but the truth is here in Karachi it’s like one day you get the CNG and for next two days ( Gas Load Shedding ) forget it, now drama’s episode which has continued since almost a month, at times it feels like WAR has been declared and everyone is the que to get their Tanks filled and leave the city, usually it takes 30 to 40 minutes when your turn comes on CNG station but even than you will get Less Gas and more air in your cylinder. ” That’s a cheapest trick, APCNG and OGRA” came up with now the problem is SC is in Islamabad and Judges don’t fill up CNG since they have FREE FUEL, how to inform them about what is going on across Pakistan?

The Problem is still the price tag is higher than it should be but they ( OGRA and APCNG ) together coming up with Latest Tricks to impress Supreme Court so they can get more benefit out, Suck the blood of this poor nation. I hope and pray that somehow Supreme court of Pakistan finds out that atleast 4 days a week CNG Stations are off, our so called Pakistani Media Current Affair Channels are busy making money so they give the exact news, where as people like you and I suffer with these tortures.

There’s no difference in Corrupt Government and Corrupt Business Community in Pakistan. eventually both are like Dengue Virus. Becareful !!

INCPak Team.

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