PSP chief Mustafa Kamal denies merger rumors

Pak Sarzameen chief Mustafa Kamal denies rumors about PSP & MQM Pakistan merger in a recent tv interview to a private channel.

He also said PSP will contest the General Elections on their own agenda which will not be based on ethnicity, MQM Pakistan still playing Muhajir card which is damaging Muhajirs only in sindh province, There’s no chance of merger of PSP and MQM Pakistan, however we’ll keep the coordination with all the political forces.

On a question about recent APC called by Farooq Sattar MQM Pakistan chief and on a last minute called off, Mustafa Kamal said would have said the same thing in front of Muhajir Quami Movement chief Afaq Ahmed and MQM Pakistan chief Farooq Sattar that PSP don’t want to encourage violent politics and we are not interested in match fixing.

Kamal stressed after elections there’s are chances of alliance with other political parties but before elections we want to maintain good relationship with all the political parties.

Karachi’s political dynamics has changed since the Altaf Hussain’s hate speed against Pakistan on 22nd August 2016 since than MQM Pakistan separated itself and totally disowned him, Meanwhile Farooq Sattar heads the party and believes in progressive politics.

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