PTI Candidate Dr.Arif Alvi wins NA250 Karachi

Alvi won 17,489 votes, which was far ahead of his opponent Naimatullah Khan of Jamaat-i-Islami, who managed to capture only 446 votes, according to unofficial results. Overall turnout was low entire day, due to the assassinated of the Senior Vice President PTI women wing last night and out of 43 polling stations, few were ghost polling stations listed but not active ( Female Polling Stations ) , however, PTI finally made its place in Karachi from NA250 Constituency.

PTI candidates for provincial assembly seats PS112 and PS113 were also victorious after re-polling.

The MQM, PPP and a minor religious party had already declared that they had boycotted the re-polling process.

The NA-250 seat has been one of much contention and controversy in Karachi, with allegations of vote-rigging and other irregularities reported on election day.

Earlier on reports suggested that voter turnout had been low for the re-polling process.

Re-polling also comes a day after senior vice-president of PTI Sindh chapter, Zahra Shahid Hussain, was killed outside her DHA Phase IV residence.

NA-250 Karachi Final result 11th may + 19may votes

Dr. Arif Alvi PTI 77000 votes
Khushbhat Shujat MQM 30000 votes

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