University of Sindh website restored Indian sites Hacked

The University of Sindh’s website was hacked yesterday. Today around 13 hours it has been confirmed that site has been completely restored by Pak Cyber Force Team . In retaliation to University Of Sindh Website…

PCF M4ST3R M!ND n PCF [email protected] Hacked Indian
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi

Actual Source  Pak Cyber Team Blog

Pak Cyber Force Team published on the website to inform everyone who hacked the site and who restored in on this URL of   University of sindh’s website.

This shows clearly that if one capable of hacking the site than other one not only restore it back but causes the damage to them as well, Cyber conflicts has recently grown after ” Pillar of Defence ” mission by Israel which caused billions of loss by anonymous.

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