Sultan Golden: 60-year-old motorcar stuntman marries minor girl

Pakistani stuntman and world record holder Sultan Golden has wrangled up with legal authorities, landing in hot waters after he illegitimately married a 12-year-old minor.

Sultan Golden, Sultan Golden marries minor girl
Sultan Golden: 60-year-old motorcar stuntman marries minor girl

In Pakistan, the legal age for girls to marry is 16 years (18 in Sindh) years and the matrimonies earlier than that are strongly prohibited and considered unlawful. Nevertheless, the renowned jumping specialist Sultan Golden still attempted this horrendous crime by espousing the village girl named Samreen Sahar, who is nearly 12 years old as proven by her School certificate.

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Sultan golden marriage with minor girl

The incident happened in the month of July, at the district of Chitral. Popular Pakistani motorcar and motorcyclist stuntman, Sultan Golden had illegally married Samreen Seher, 4 folds young minor village girl.

Samreen’s father Azizur Rehman had illicitly obtained fake birth certificate for his daughter from Sheshi Koh village council, after concealing her vaccination and school certificates. Hence, on the basis of her false birth certificate, a National Identity Card [NIC] was issued by NADRA [National Database and Registration Authority] that facilitated the felonious Nikah ceremony.

Case registered against Sultan

Soon after the marriage ceremony occurred, the local civil authorities Chitral interfered into the matter after which the controversial birth certificate was corrected followed with cancelling the marriage contract of 12-year-old Samreen Seher with 60-year-old Sultan.

Reportedly, the investigation agencies had also requested NADRA to register a complaint against Sultan Golden and Samreen’s father Azizur Rehman, under the Nadra Ordinance 2000 for deceitfully obtaining CNIC on the basis of Fake birth certificate.

Moreover, Chitral Lower’s deputy commissioner had also contracted a medical board for physical examination of Samreen, to conclude her correct age and she was called on September 18th for the process. However, she never appeared in front of the organization as Sultan had secretly taken her out of the district.

Here to mention that Sultan Golden was strictly prohibited to leave Chitral until the final decision of court and his sudden illegal disappearance with Samreen enhances his unlawful actions. Currently, the case is fixed for hearing on October 24th and failure to appear ahead of court will result in legal actions against the duo.

About Sultan Golden

Sultan Muhammad Khan, popularly known as Sultan Golden is a Pakistani jumping specialist and motorcar stunt performer. Sultan introduced the sport of reverse jumping of cars and achieved a world record by reverse jumping 150 feet over 15 cars.

Later in 1987, Sultan Golden overtook the World Record of USA’s jumper by 3 feet after jumping over 22 cars covering 249 feet distance.

Child Marriage in Pakistan

Child marriage in Pakistan is a serious issues and one that needs to be dealt with as millions of young girls are married off each year to grown men forcefully and nobody bats an eye.

Around 21 percent of girls in Pakistan married before they turn 18 and 3 percent of them before reaching the age of 15. According to UNICEF, Pakistan has the sixth highest number of child brides in the world at 1,909,000 (UNICEF State of the World’s Children 2017).

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