TikTok takes another teen’s life in Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD: The short video sharing app TikTok has claimed another teen’s life in Abbottabad who was shooting video on the platform using a pistol.

TikTok Abbottabad
TikTok takes another teen’s life in Abbottabad.

According to reports, the teen identified as Abdul Samad belonged to a Bagan area of Abbottabad and was a student of tenth grade.

The Abbottabad teen was making a video on TikTok holding a pistol when he accidentally squeezed the trigger fatally injuring himself and dying on the spot. His body was shited to a nearby hospital by police for autopsy.

Just weeks ago another Karachi teen Tanveer also accidentally shot himself while filming a TikTok video as he was unaware about the gun being loaded.

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Another incident happened in Karachi two weeks ago where three friends were making a TikTok while driving and ended up crashing their car. They were all rushed to the hospital where one of them succumbed to his injuries.

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There have been many incidents involving accidents while making TikTok videos and people should be more careful regarding their filming choices. Another incident that occurred last year involved a 20 year old being hit by a train while he was filming for a TikTok video.

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