PM Imran: Revocation of Kashmir special status will lead to its independence

PM Imran addressed the Azad Jamu and Kashmir (AJK) legislative assembly on Wednessday in Muzaffarabad where we vowed to further efforts of highlighting the atrocities Kashmiri people are going through at an international level.

Kashmir Imran Independence
Imran Khan at the AJK legislative assembly today (5 Feb 2020).

The Prime Minister attacked PM Modi in his speech saying that it was a fatal mistake of the Indian government to revoke the special status of Kashmir and that it would now lead the to independence of Kashmir from India.

According to him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought the Hindutva philosophy to light and it the world is watching what is happening.

PM Imran Khan said:

I believe due to this action by Modi in August, Kashmir would be made independent,

August 5 was a fatal mistake and Modi cannot back down now. He did this because he got a big mandate in the elections He campaigned against Pakistan and brought the Hindutva philosophy and teach a lesson to Pakistan,

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He also said that he has been raising this issue at every international forum he goes to and even brings it up with his meetings with different heads of state.

The Prime Minister said:

Wherever I went and the forum I went to, I told them what was happening in Kashmir. At UNGA, at the refugee conference in Geneva, I raised the issue of Kashmir.

According to PM Imran the current Indian government has an ideology similar to that of Hitler and Nazi’s and this is why people are starting raise their voice against the issue on the media as well as some people in India as well.

PM Imran said in his speech:

He [Modi] brought RSS’s philosophy up. RSS is an organisation inspired by Hitler and Nazis. The RSS admires Aryan race theory and the RSSs’ founding fathers have lauded the Nazi’s in their books. They used to think they could ethnically cleanse Muslims.

He continued saying:

Before India’s move in August last year, this was all hidden. For the first time, we told the world the RSS philosophy in UNGA. I had promised you that I will become a messenger of Kashmir I put forward before the world of RSS philosophy and what was happening.

He said that this might have worked if this philosophy was being implemented on minority but there are 20 crore Muslims in Kashmir.

He told people to not be disappointed and further reiterated that Kashmir will become independent because of what is happening and the world is watching.

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