National Hero Of Pakistan ” Abdul Sattar Edhi “

“National Hero of Pakistan Abdul Sattar Edhi Passes away on 8th July 2016 in Karachi, Pakistan”

Abdul Sattar Edhi was one of the greatest social workers and philanthropist in Pakistan. He was the founder of the Edhi Foundation which ran its operations in different cities throughout the country.

Edhi had been ill since 2013 which he was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. Edhi has received an offer from PPP Senator Rehman Malik on behalf of former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari for treatment abroad but denied it saying that he wanted to be treated in a State Hospital in Pakistan.

He was receiving treatment at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) where he passed away on 8th June 2016.

Reactions to his death came from all over. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said “We have lost a great servant of humanity. He was the real manifestation of love for those who were socially vulnerable, impoverished, helpless and poor.”

Edhi received the historical gun carriage funeral making him the third Pakistani to given such honor after Quaid – e – Azam and Zia Ul Haq. His funeral was attended by a great number of people including President of Pakistan, the Chairman Senate, the provincial Governor of Sindh, the Chief Ministers of Sindh and Punjab, the Chief of Army Staff along with the Chiefs of Staff of the Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Air Force at the National Stadium in Karachi.

“He wished to be buried in the same clothes he used to wear. He also wanted to donate his body parts, but only his cornea can be donated as rest of the organs were not in healthy condition,” said Faisal Edhi.

Although due to his illness only his corneas were suitable for donation.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will issue a special coin in honour of celebrated humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi who passed away last week.

The denomination, shape and other details regarding the coin will be announced on Saturday at a special condolence reference for Edhi, SBP Spokesman Abid Qamar told a TV channel.

Revered by many as a national hero, Abdul Sattar Edhi created a charitable empire out of nothing. He masterminded Pakistan’s largest welfare organisation almost single-handedly, entirely with private donations.

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