Sadaf Khadem Iranian Boxer Fears Going Home Over Arrest Warrant

FRANCE: Sadaf Khadem Iranian Female boxer fears going home over arrest warrant. She is the first Iranian female boxer allowed officially to contest in a match. Now she has canceled her return from France as she may get arrested on return.

Sadaf Khadem who would have expected a hero’s welcome at home after beating the French boxer Anne Chauvin in an amateur bout on Saturday not is afraid to go home.

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Her only mistake was that she wore a green vest and red shorts with a white waistband in Saturday’s bout in the western French town of Royan.

Sadaf Khadem told the L’Equipe newspaper

“I was fighting in a legally approved match, in France. But as I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, which is completely normal in the eyes of the entire world, I confounded the rules of my country,”

“I wasn’t wearing a hijab, I was coached by a man – some people take a dim view of this.”

She was in the taxi for Charles-de-Gaulle airport when you decided to turn around.

Her coach Mahyar Monshipour had received information from Iran of their arrest warrant that was already issued by the authorities.

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The arrest warrant is issued against the 24-year-old boxer Sadaf Khadem as well as her coach Mahyar Monshipour who is Iranian born French citizen.

Sadaf Khadem vs Anne Chauvin

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