Amazon making a device capable of reading human emotions

In a recent article published by Bloomberg, Amazon is working on a wrist wearable device that will be capable of reading human emotions through the sound of their voice and the way they talk.

This project is being undertaken by the Lab126 team, the team behind the Echo speaker, the Kindle or even the Firephone and also Alexa’s software team. Gadgets like this are usually found on many crowdfunding campaigns and are far what they promise but this time it happens to be one the biggest tech companies in the world which is developing such a product. Although at this stage it is too early to know how far along the development is or whether it would even be available commercially or not. According to the bloomberg report, as they said to have reviewed some internal documents, the device is supposed to be wearable with microphones that will discern human emotion by the sound of the user’s voice and the ways the user talks.

The whole idea might seem a bit too far fetched but it is in fact not impossible since researching into the different ways we talk might help suggest whether a person is agitated etc. If Amazon does manage to pull this off, it will be a first since nothing like this currently exists that can discern the emotion of a human being.

Although, at this point it is too early to say anything for sure or whether this project will even be available to the public. Amazon is working on bringing Alexa to more and more devices including things like ovens and microwaves so this might end up being a part of a bigger project. At this point we can only wait.

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