Amir Liaquat criticizes PUBG ban, calling PTA’s decision contempt of court

Television host and PTI Leader from Karachi Amir Liaquat Huassain has opposed the PUBG ban in Pakistan and criticized PTA while talking to social media personality and TV host Waqar Zaka.

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Amir Liaquat opposes PUBG ban calling out PTA for contempt of court.

Amir Liaquat in a conversation with Waqar Zaka talked about how the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was in contempt of court after the Islamabad High Couty (IHC) gave orders to immediately unban the online multiplayer game in the country.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has refused to unban PUBG in Pakistan saying that it has power to make this decision under Section 37 of the PECA which gives the regulator authority to block access and remove content it finds objectionable.

Amir Liaquat mentions how PUBG is a source for income for many in the country and all claims regarding the game containing anti-Islamic material are false and he will be taking up this issue at the National Assembly.

The TV anchor talks about how PTA was destroying the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for a digital Pakistan. He mentions that the IT Ministry as well as PTA know about about what they are actually doing.

Amir Liaquat says that this is a serious issue as the regulatory authority was in contempt of court as the PUBG ban in Pakistan remains in place despite direct orders by the court.

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