Apple will allow users to repair own iPhone with access to spare parts

The Cupertino tech-giant, Apple Inc, has announced a self-service repair program that is going to allow users to repair their own iPhone and Mac computer. This may not look like much but it is certainly a big deal for Apple to provide access to spare parts and repair manuals directly to consumers.

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Apple will allow users to repair own iPhone with access to spare parts.

Apple’s new self-service repair program will initially start in the US, allowing customers to buy spare parts directly from Apple in order to repair their own iPhone or Mac computer. The tech-giant said their online store will start selling about 200 spare parts, especially those more prone to damage, such as displays, batteries, and cameras.

It is pertinent to mention that to start, Apple will provide spare parts to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 and gradually extend the program towards the Mac computers with the company’s own M1 chip. The customers ordering parts through Apple’s self-service repair program will get the same pricing as independent repair shops and they will be able to return their used parts to Apple after completing the repair to their iPhone or Mac to receive a discount.

However, the company still recommends that most customers should still visit their professional repair provider and certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts as it is still the “safest and most reliable way to get a repair.” The company has been long known to restrict repairs to technicians at their ‘Genius Bars’ or authorized service centers, where device owners often have to meet with long wait times and the announcement of the Apple’s self-service repair program definitely seems a step in the right direction.

The program will be launched in the US in early 2022, and it will eventually expand to more countries later in the year. Finally, the Apple customers who have the knowledge will be able to repair their own iPhones and Mac computers without having to rely on the company’s technicians or authorized service centers for the service.

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