Bill Gates takes back title for World’s Richest Person

Bill Gates World's Richest Person
Bill Gates – World’s Richest Person

Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates lost his title as the world’s richest person back in 2018 when Amazon Inc. founder, CEO, and president Jeff Bezos surpassed Gates with a net worth of $160 billion.

Bill Gates was able to surpass Bezos last month for a short time when Amazon stocks dropped and Bezos lost almost $7 billion in stock value but this time it’s official according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Gates got the lead because of the recent 4% increase in Microsoft share value after the Pentagon suddenly announced that it will be giving it’s cloud computing project to Microsoft instead of Amazon which resulted in a 2% drop in Amazon share price. Microsoft’s stock has gone up by 48% this year alone.

This put Bill Gates with a net worth of $110 billion whereas Bezos dropped to a net worth of $108 billion.

Bezos would have been way richer if his Wife McKenzie and him hadn’t gotten divorced back in January. It was said to be one of the biggest divorce settlements in History with McKenzie getting almost $36 billion worth of Bezos stock.

That being said, Gates would also have never left the top spot if it wasn’t for his Philanthropy. He has donated more then $35 billion to the Gates and Melinda foundation.

After some democratic politicians proposed the wealth tax recently, Gates made a comment about it saying , “If I had to pay $20 billion, its fine but when you say I should pay $100 billion, then I’m starting to do a little math about what I have left over.”

Gates has paid more then $10 billion in taxes

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