How can you prolong your laptop battery life

How can you prolong your laptop battery life ? Or how to charge discharge Batteries ? – Important post for all the laptop users, just follow the instructions and get the optimum battery life. Sharing some of  the simple tips.

When battery is 100% Charged

This is only for New Laptops like 4,5 years old laptops as they have Lion batteries. If you use your laptop more than often then you should do one thing that might help.That is Don’t unplug your charger even if its 100% charged, use it on charging mode all time as most of us un-Plug the charger when its 100% charged thinking we might over charge it.No, it is safe to keep charging it even though its Charged.

“This Instruction is not for old laptops” –Old Laptops get overcharged that reduces battery life, Lion batteries (Lithium-ion battery) are new and better as they don’t over charge but Do discharge them also at the end or after some time… (beech beech mein laptop On-Battery bhi use karna, so that battery flow some fluids up & down…

Don’t Unplug or plug-in again n again
It is said not to plug-in and unplug Charger again n again… it is bad for battery… if u unplugged it then use it on-battery… and once you plug-in charger then use it on Charging mode…

All time Laptop Usage
If you Use laptop all time like 24/7 (matlab din mein 6,7 ghentey continuous use karna he too) then remove battery and Plug-in the Charger this will help u save battery life and battery efficiency but if you have electricity issue then take precautions (Pakistan me Load shedding issue he to dehan rakhna light jane se laptop band ho jaye ga ya light jane se pehle shutdown kar ke battery insert kar lein)

keep using your laptop without battery in it… On Direct AC power… its good for long time use…

Important Thing
Dont Dry your batteries upto 0% as its NOT GOOD… charging laptops from 0% to 100% is bad…
Matlab 15%,20% battery rehti ho to charge pe lgaa diya karein… zaroory nahi 0% kar ke charge karein, 0% karna effect karta he battery cells ko…

Other Optimizations
Dont Run High End games on your laptop Or don’t overuse it.Give it a rest…
Use medium brightness mostly by minimizing your extra background apps… (Fazool Shashkay sab band kar ke simple use karo so that hardware and battery pe zada Load naah paray)

Plug-in or Un-Plug
Generally these new laptops aren’t affected by the way you Unplug the wire but still take precautions and make it a habit. For old laptops these steps are even more better to take…




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