Chinese smartphone makers are challenging the Google Play Store

Major Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are reportedly coming together to challenge the monopoly of the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Huawei Oppo Vivo Xiaomi App market Challenging Google Play Store
Chinese smartphone makers are coming together to challenge the dominance of the Google’s Play Store.

They are apparently working on a platform that will allow developers outside of China to upload their apps simultaneously to all of their respective app stores.

The Manufacturers are coming together under the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA) in an attempt to challenge the monopoly and dominance of the Google Play Store outside of the Chinese market.

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Third party app stores have basically struggled with developer support and it is especially a problem within China since the Google Play Store is banned in the country and users usually need to access different app markets in order to get the apps that they want unlike globally where they can just access the Google Play Store which is a single location for all apps.

This new partnership will work to improve this situation since developers support will improve and apps apps would basically be uploaded to all the app markets (mainly maintained by Huawei, Oppo and the likes) at the same time challenging the Google Play Store dominance globally as all these app stores would get increasing number of apps and most of these companies are now global anyway and operating in different regions.

These companies together control over 40 percent of the worldwide smartphone ships as of last year and different companies have strong markets in different regions like Xiaomi in India and Huawei in Europe.

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Now the prototype website of GDSA plans to provide its services in nine regions including India, Indonesia, Russia and Malaysia to name a few. Now the new platform would make it easier for developer to upload apps to all these app stores and all these regions would be covered.

This is then reduce the dependence of the Google Play Store for these companies which would especially be beneficial for Huawei because of the recent USA and China trade war and Huawei getting caught in the middle of it all and having a ban placed on it to operate and deal with US companies openly.

This will potentially increase revenue for these companies too through their app store just like Google who is said to have made 8.8 billion dollars last year from the Google Play Store as it keeps a 30 percent cut from all the sales made through the app store according to Reuters.

According to reports, the new platform was planned to be launched in March but due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, it may be delayed.

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