Comparison Qmobile A8-A9,Huawei G510 & Bravo G95

 Qmobile noir A8

  Qmobile noir A9

 Huawei Ascend G510

 Bravo G95

1 Ghz dual core

 1 Ghz dual core

 1.2 GHz dual core     cortex-A9

 1 Ghz Single core  cortex- A9

 512mb ram

 512mb ram  512mb ram  512mb ram
 4 GB rom  4 GB rom  4 GB rom  4 GB rom
 4.3 inches display  4.5 inches display  4.5 inches display  5.3 inches display
 1800 mAh  1800 mAh  1700 mAh  2500 mAh
 5 MP + secondary   8 mp + secondary   5 mp + secondary   8 mp + secondary 
 15200/= rs  16850/= rs 16750/= rs 

13950/= rs 

Above is the basic comparison between A8 , A9,Huawei g510,Bravo G95.

As you can see Ram & Rom is similar in all phones .There is a slight difference between Qmobile A8 , A9 & Huawei Ascend G510 processor as Huawei is leading with 0.2 Ghz while Bravo is incomparable as its has 1GHZ single core  . Other than this display size almost equal with 0.2 small difference  in first 3 phones while there is a big change in Bravo G95 display with 5.3 inches that comes in Phablet category.

Battery i can’t say anything about A8,A9 & Huawei because it depends on your usage but its good as compared with price . It gives 12-16 hours with low usage. In case of Bravo G95 Big battery its timings are really good & normally its gives more than 24 hours .

Now come to the final conclusion:

  • In processor huawei wins 
  • ram/rom all are fine
  • display size qmobile A8 , A9 & huawei is perfect while Bravo is not comfortable in hands
  • in battery G95 takes the lead
  • Camera ranking is like 1) Huawei 2) A9 3) A8 4) G95
  • pricing A9 & huawei are same A8 a bit lower because of its camera and display size while bravo G95 have least price because of single core processor.

bravo A8 A9 Huawei_Ascend_G510_13_slideshowdisplayv3The Benchmark above clearly shows that Huawei has taken the lead with 7098, qmobile A8 5544 , qmobile A9 2710 & bravo with 2574 score.

So, what you are thinking which one is best according to its price share your opinion below your. I have not included 3g feature in comparison  because it is useless to discuss as there is no 3G service in Pakistan :( so if a phone have 3G/4G you can’t use that feature :) 

Note : All benchmarks are taken before rooting on stock roms  :) 






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  1. Huawei G510 Specs.


    Android version : 4.1.1

    Board : U8951-1

    Brand : Huawei

    Device : hwG510-0200

    Total RAM: 394MB

    Free RAM: 82.04MB


    Processor ARMv7
    Processor rev 1 (v7l)

    processor cores 2

    Hardware MSM8x25 U8951

    Frequency range: 245.76
    -> 1209.6MHz

    Current Frequency: 1209.6MHz

    Resolution: 480 x 854

    Density: 240 dpi


    LIS3DH 3-axis Accelerometer: 0.2 mA by ST

    AK8973 3-axis Magnetic field sensor: 6.8
    mA by Asahi Kasei

    AK8973 Orientation sensor: 7.0
    mA by Asahi Kasei

    CM3602 Proximity sensor: 0.5
    mA by Capella Microsystems

    CM3602 Light sensor: 0.5
    mA by Capella Microsystems

  2. This Benchmark comparison is wrong. You should use only one application to show the difference. Please update this because you compared Noir A9 and G Five (using Quadrant Benchmark) and Noir A8 and Huawei (using Antutu Benchmark) which have totally different scoring method.

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