Do you get Panicked…???

You might be thinking that i am talking about the problems we are facing as now a days everyone is so much panicked. Absolutely not, i am talking about the Google chrome’s extension called Panic button. It quickly hides all of your open tabs in Chrome and lets you open them up all later even after closing your browser or PC.

Now, By clicking here you can install this extension, then click on add to chrome the extension will start installing, after that a panic button ( red color ) will appear on top right side of your Google chrome .


Sometimes have workers have sneaky look at Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The problem comes when one of the manager walk past their desk and see their screen. Luckily Panic Button fixes this problem for them. Secondly if you are installing some software after installation the software ask to restart your PC while on the other hand your Google chrome is running and many tabs are opened so just click on panic button and all your tabs will be closed within few secs now you can easily restart your PC without losing your important tabs while if you make bookmarks it takes time.



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