The Faults in Fiberlink – Internet Service Providers !

The story reported by Muhammad Ali on Tech Aches group, Regarding Fiberlink Internet Service Providers, after contacting him personally sharing it on INCPak so that people don’t fooled by such Internet Service Providers. Unfortunately here in Pakistan we have limited options when it comes to reliable internet connectivity, People always look for unlimited and faster Internet services meanwhile some companies are cheating customers openly.

FiberLink Vs StormFiber

The Story continues as it’s shared by the Customer ( Complainer )

here is what happened. At the time of placing an order to fiberlink, their sales representative said if we don’t install it in 30 working days, we will offer you a full refund. After that time was up, I went to meet them at their office since they kept telling me they cant be certain how much longer it may take. Their, Director Rizwan also the owners brother, assured me if it wasn’t installed in 24 hours they’d give me the refund. When they didn’t fulfill that commitment, their team leader Zeeshan called me and asked me to give them one last chance and that if I didn’t get internet for 3 days in a month, they would refund the full amount and he also assured me that I would get 50 mbps. After installation.

My internet worked for 20-40 mins in the entire week. I again went and confronted their higher management. They said they fired Syed Zeeshan Ali and they can’t fulfill his commitments even though he sent me a text message. After a week of no internet, My internet was up and running at 20 mbps for 4 days. Since then, it has been offline at least 5 times a day for 2 hours each time and when I call to complain, they say they are working on it and refer me to some other customer rep. After my continuous complains, I got a call from Sassi Mujahid assuring me uninterrupted internet service. Since then, my internet has been off at least 3 days a week. In my second last conversation with sassi, I told her I was dumping fiberlink and installing another ISP.

Fiberlink blocks

When we published this story Fiberlink Blocked seems like they cannot bare the truth.

After her request to give her “one last chance” I asked her to refund my amount if Fiberlink failed to provide me uninterrupted internet service for the next 24 hours. If fiberlink was successful in doing that, I would not ask for a refund again. Exactly, 3 hours later, my internet was off line again due to come problem with their back end. When I demanded she stick to the deal or I would barge into their office and start breaking things, she said she couldn’t do that and almost begged me to give her another chance. I believed she would actually fix it this time. I asked her to book transworld for me and get me a new internet connection installed in 5-6 days ( I would bare the installation costs of TW) if i didn’t get internet for a week straight without any excuses. 6 hours later, my internet was offline for 30 hours and when I asked her to stick to her end of the bargain she refused completely.

I messaged Noman, the asst to the CEO whose number I got from other sources. His only response was, I am busy, not in the office etc. When I wrote about it on tech aches, some one in fiberlink called me and asked me remove my posts or ” acha nai hoga” ( in a non threatening tone) I said ” kisi ke baap mein taaqat hai toh hata ke dikhaye” to which they replied Sir kisi ki job chali jayegi, kisi ka riz hai etc. When i didn’t listen , they messaged me saying ” app khush hogaye yeh likh ke”.

PS : when I threatened to break stuff in the directors office, he hinted that he knew my details including house address, to which I told him where he lived ( which I found out from other sources ). That is when he stopped playing temple run on his phone and actually started listening.

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  1. Total fraud & scam, I applied for corporate connection but not connected yet. They are liars and bastards. The owner of Fiber link is Khurram Megjiani resident of Pindi and Abdul Qadir Patel (MNA of PPP) from Karachi. They haven’t service in major of karachi but getting money all of us.

  2. This is bulshit company and they will take money from you and never deliver. After that you will keep crying but they will start threaten you. This happen to me. now they are saying go to pta and complaint against us. we will not refund money. They are not refunding nor installing connection. Only lie , lie and lie. Beware of this company. And please all people go

    and launch complaint against fiberlink please.

  3. i facing same problem i apply 7 month ago but still not active and no refund we must call to police or get batter solution

  4. I have applied for connection and 9 months gone, not installing connection and not refunding the amount.

    Totally fraud company. Please stay away from this company.

    There support is really ridiculous.

  5. Hi guyz i am one of a victome of fiberlink f****k company i just purchase yearly package from them and it’s my biggest mistake in my life their sale person told me that my connection will deployed within 20 days but its fiberlink and they takes more then 3 month and after that my connection work only 5 days and it still not working since 15 days and i am waiting so its my advice don’t ever takes fiberlink connection it’s a pice of shit plz dont go their

  6. I m also victim of fiberlink’s pathetic n lukeworm attitude towards customers once dues are paid. I got one year plan. And it don’t work for 2 hours. I repeatedly called and sent mags on its Watsapp no but simply no response. I feel like kicking its management hard in the ass.

  7. Hello,

    Almost the same thing happened with me. They took my money and installed the connection after 10 months on 20th March 2018.

    Then their support is run by the bunch of baboons, The billing will overcharge you for the bandwidth you dont have or use and the tech support will ask you contact billing and cycle will keep on going.

    Solution: All victims of fiberlink, should come on one platform, complaint to comsumer court and PTA and close this fraud company once and for all.

    With unity we can do anything we want. Make a forum and start doing something about fiberlink. So more victims wont come here like me.

  8. They have charged me for a full year in advance and haven’t provided the connection after over 4 months!

  9. Most Pathetic Service Its been two months i have them given 20k and now they don’t even listen. i said for returning my money and they have no returning policy. After reading reviews all peoples are affected so we should go to consumer court against them Those who are with me can contact me i am serious about this
    Here is the page !

  10. Wow, what a mugger of a company. I am so glad that I haven’t signed up with the company yet! Great posts and an eye opener!

  11. Same happened to me guys. Its been 4 months now since I applied. I have wasted my hours in calling them but deployment department never pick up any call. I have been given whatsapp number but thats useless. I have paid for year in advance. We should file a complaint against company get full refund.

  12. I am also a victim. I have given annual fees in advance with a promise of installation within a month but its been more than 2 months now… still waiting. No response on their UAN. Because when u call them, u are unable to talk to someone even after 10 minutes. Thinking of refund through legal proceedings now. Because if they are so pathetic in installing the connection what the hell u expect their speed and maintenance.

  13. I am also a victim of this company. Everytime internet is dow it takes 5 days for my internet to be up and running. They have the worest service i have ever seen.

  14. I had ordered 2 new connection, sadly i have paid for a year and it has been 4 months now my connections have not yet been installed… They keep on saying few more days, few more days…. My current connection of fiberlink (which i have also sadly paid for a year) is started having some serious issues, like it gets ofline for days…. Can’t we gather few dosen people a file a case against them?

    1. I think the same shall happen to me also. I have also applied for connection a month before. Nothing is being communicated to me about the installation or or any issues. We should gather more affectees and send a legal notice to FiberLink. Further, we should launch a campaign and bring fradulant matter in PTA and ask them to cancel FiberLink operational license, at least they should be barred to operate in Lahore. Recoveries should be made and fine should be imposed upon FiberLink

  15. Worst service ever.They will take your money and will never pick phone again.We applied for the FiberLink Internet fasttrack 100MBPS 25 days ago and we have the charges for the one year package but we didn’t get any update from their office as well as from the sales person.We also have done follow up from their office many times but didn’t get any a little bit good response from thair any team.They gave us number of a guy Usman , but he never pick our call from many days and still haven’t started the deployment of the connection even it was close to our College.The help line is no use , infact they dropped our call many times.Ptcl have even customer support but FiberLink doesn’t.No customer service at all.Fraudulent company with no work ethics.Corruption at its worst.There is no proper customer support.They Take the Payment in very advance and tell you to only wait and wait.They deployment the fiber cable to home from moon that why they take that much time.Very poor services with 99% down time and zero customer support.if you want Internet connection i recommended you never consider Fiber Link. my experience is very bad with these guy.

  16. very cheap support and very cheap services I have ordered 1 month ago and I paid for 1 year but no response from company its look like scam

    1. @umair rafiq. In which area do you live in Lahore. Is there any thing about delivery of services mentioned on thier performa / agreement. I have also contacted Fiberlink and they are ready to provide me services within 30 days. They want me pay them urgently on July 28, 2017. I need your urgent response. Thanks

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