Fill Water In Your Desktop Wallpaper – Animated wallpaper

Can You Fill Water In Your Desktop Wallpaper ? Very weird statement..Many people said its not possible but i am telling you – Yes, its possible. So today i am going you to tell you a trick by which put a animated desktop wallpaper. You will notice that it looks like water is flowing. And you should be happy about it that it will neither slow up your window’s browsing speed nor it will irritate you while you will do your work.

water wp

Add life to your desktop wallpaper. Watery Desktop 3D will animate your wallpaper with water effects, such as waves and rain. It will also work as a screensaver which floods your screen, you’ll see how everything on your desktop will sink into water.

How to Install it?
Download the Software


1. You will get a zipped file with the name WateryDesktop3D_setup, so just extract it and you will get the main setup.
2. Open the Setup.

3. Click on the Next option.

4. Then select the option – I accept the agreement and then click on the Next option.

5. Select the Typical Installation and again click on the Next option.

6. Then click on the Install option and finally on the Finish option.

Minimize all the windows and then see the desktop. It makes the desktop alive, you must Try it.

This will work with all Windows XP/Vista/7/8, but it slows down the PC with low configuration.

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