HTC took Fifth place in Japanese smartphone market !

HTC took lead against Samsung holding the fifth place in Japanese smartphone market in the first quarter this year, according to market research firm IDC Japan .

IDC’s report shows that HTC managed to secure 6.6 percent market share in the Japanese smartphone market. But it’s not because of the popular phone HTC One but instead HTC’s Butterfly J was responsible for the success.


Butterfly J was released in December last year and managed an excellent sales .  The handset secured the top 10 position in the BCN Inc’s device ranking, but the handset faced shortage problems just like HTC One which saw the device fall out of favour.However the J Butterfly returned to the top 10 list once the shortages were sorted out, and has managed to maintain its position since mid-April.

While in 2012 Samsung stood on fifth rank having 8.8 percent market share in forth Quarter.which means that Samsung’s market share has to have slipped rather significantly in the space of just three months to fall behind HTC.


Apple, on the other hand is on top having 39.6  percent of market share in the smartphone market in Quarter Second, third, and fourth places were made up by Japanese firms Sharp (14.6 percent), Sony (13.3 percent) and Fujitsu (8.3 percent) respectively. Overall the Japanese smartphone market grew by 4 percent from the previous year to a total of 6.81 million units sold. 1 2013.


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