Huawei set to launch its own OS – Huawei OS?

Huawei was recently put on the Entity list by the US government as a result of the trade war between the US and China, meaning no US business are allowed to deal with the Chinese tech giant. After this happened many companies not just in the US and other parts of the world started to back out from doing business with Huawei. The biggest blow to Huawei is probably its inability to do further business with Google after it revoked Huawei’s Android license which means that all future smartphones won’t have Android or any of the Google services like Gmail or Google Maps.

Although many sources say that Huawei has been planning for such a moment for a few years now and is working on its own OS. According to different sources, Huawei is set to launch its own OS very soon. According to Forbes, Richard Yu, the consumer business CEO of Huawei has said that Huawei OS ” will be available in the fall of this year and at the latest next spring.”

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The new OS by Huawei is suppose to be an alternative to Google’s Android and is said to have support for Android Apps as well. Although this all sounds really nice to hear, Huawei still has a lot of work to do. Huawei has to make sure that their new OS can keep up with Android or iOS in terms of features and they will need to provide updates especially security updates and patches to make sure they can counter any vulnerabilities.

The next challenge for the tech giant will be getting app developers to work on the new OS and make sure that apps are available. We’ve seen this before with Windows OS and how it failed because of the lack of development and apps on its store. Huawei will need to make sure that they can provide alternatives to some of the Google services which won’t be available to the new devices such as Gmail and a new Maps since Google maps won’t be functional on the new device. It is still unknown what the future of other most used apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp or even Netflix will be since these are also US companies.

Even if they are able to pull everything out just fine, they will be left with another very important challenge, getting the customers to use the new OS. People usually go for what’s in trend or what’s being used by others. Huawei will need to convince them to be the odd one out. Customers are going to need something really special if they are to shift to the new unknown OS.

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