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INCPak proudly presents – INCPak  Android apps for all android devices, we noticed the need that our visitors are wants direct access to our site, we think its a bit time consuming opening this website via mobile devices. Going to the browser and typing the address and then waiting for the page to load, and on devices that have a slow processor , they take more time.

INCPak team has come up with something new for you people. Android being the most widespread OS, We have developed INCPak for all android devices. Now the websites are just at the convenience of a click. And the best part is, the size is very small. All you need to do is download the application and install it simply.

This is not the end. The Tech Talks Area being the most popular a dedicated app has been made just for the tech talks area.  It directly takes you to the tech talks area and you can see all the latest news.



Click Above to download APK file


Farhan Imaan  – POST  Re-edit / Testing

Aleem Ashraf  – Graphics

Muttahir Aon Syed –  App Developer

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