INCPak Forum Rules and regulations v0.2

Android / Windows / iOs Technical Assistance and Informative forum – INCPak Forum Rules and regulations v0.2 worth knowing before joining and we are there to assist your technical queries 24/7  Join in but follow the rules – Muttahir A.Syed took a around the globe to define the rules unlike me but they worth understanding o_O .

1) – NO BUMPING. Intentionally bumping your own post so as to make sure your post stays on top is not allowed. Many people “bump” their post in a variety of ways. Some say thank you to other’s likes multiple times. Some wait for a while and then comment on their post to add more details some time later when they should have said it at the time of the post. Some issue a comment and then immediately delete the comment. No matter how you do it, if your goal is to have your post moved back to the top to gain additionally attention, this is called bumping. Please don’t do it. Our mods are smart enough to see through any attempt around this.

2) –TAGGING THE ADMINS – We are here to help each and everyone of you. Tagging any admin will not escalate your help instead it may annoy the person tagged causing a belated reply for you. Only exception to this rule is rule # 9.

3) – DON’T ASK US TO LIKE YOUR PAGE! – We are tired of being hammered by these requests everywhere we go. It will not make you more popular, or increase your sales or booking, anyway. So why even ask?

4) – WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. This is a kid friendly zone. Yes We are aware they will hear kids their own age practice an extensive vocabulary of vile words at school, but we don’t run the school. We do run this forum, however. THIS ALSO MEANS NO ABBREVIATED WORDS, OR ACRONYMS. Just because you spelled a word or phrase out using alternative symbols, or just the first letters, does not mean you have somehow exempted yourself from the rules. AND… I have to humbly ask that the language please stay in English. I mean no offense to anyone’s nationality, but we would like to all know what you are saying.

5) – TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT. Having an opinion is one thing. Trying make someone look stupid, and you look awesome through a creative use of words, or just simply outright saying someone is stupid or their post is pointless etc., will not be tolerated. Roaming through the posts with a chip on your shoulder thinking everyone else is just out to argue with you, is the same thing and will not be allowed either. Bottom line is this: Please remember that your typed sentence can be read a totally different way than what you heard in your head. Always try to say what you like about something, before you offer solicited criticism saying what you don’t. If they do not ask for an opinion, and you have nothing positive to offer, then it would simply be best to remain silent.

6) – INCPAK LOGO/SIGNATURE. This forum provides help and ROMs for most of the QMobile series and keep updating them for you. What we ask in return is just that to give proper credit to team for the hardwork, the logo which is the boot image on INCPak ROMs must not be removed. Any post against it, will not be tolerated.

7) – NO OPINIONS OR STATEMENTS ON POLITICS. Yes personally everyone has an opinion. But this forum is about Technology. Mainly Android development and help. For the most part. But it certainly is not about your political opinion.

8) – NO LINKS THAT TAKE YOU OFF OF THE GROUP PAGE, OR VIDEOS ON ANOTHER SITE THAT CAN BE PLAYED IN THE THREAD (LIKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS). There are only 2 exceptions to the rule. 1)It is a new feature or ROM which you want to request for your phone. 2) Link to tutorial (text or written) with can help the query you are commenting about.

9) – HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THESE RULES? HAVE AN ISSUE WITH MODERATORS, OR ANYONE ELSE ON THIS GROUP? DON’T PM YOUR ISSUES TO ADMINS. Having some issue with the INCPak team, moderators or any member of the forum kindly don’t pm the admins about it. Tag an admin in the post where you are having issue with any other fellow and we will try to sort it out.

If you have any issue about the rules, make a new thread with the rule number and describe how it bothers you and your suggestions about it.

Now you may proceed  Join

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