iOS 12 beta bug prompting users to update

the latest iOS 12 beta, being a beta tester has its perks. You get the latest features before everyone else and sometimes even better performance. Although with those new features you may also get some annoying little bugs since it is the beta version of the software and not the final release.

This is what happened to iPhone users who are running the latest iOS 12 beta. The users are now getting message pop-up exactly every 5 minutes that states “New iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta” although there isn’t a new update available when checked. These messages are coming in every 5 minutes and people have been unable to stop them.

Some users claim that the pop-up presents itself upon unlocking and when the notification is cleared it does not appear again until the device wakes up the next time. confirmed the popup presents itself upon unlocking, while clearing the notification prevents it from appearing again until the device next wakes. Some users have reported seeing the pop-up when invoking the Control Center and some are just getting it after a certain time interval and not being able to stop it. Although this is not yet confirmed.

These reports surfaced from social media users yesterday and the number of users facing the issue has been growing and more and more users are being affected.

iOS 12 beta

 iOS 12 beta
iOS 12 beta
 iOS 12 beta
iOS 12 beta

According to developer Guilherme Rambo, a date calculation bug in Springboard appears to be causing the perpetual popup notifications.

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Currently there are no comments from Apple about the bug and it is unknown when a fix will be released but seeing as this is Apple it seems that they will be quick to do something about it.

iOS 12 is set to be released to the public on September 12th at their event.

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