The Jaguar XJ is a thoroughly modern luxury saloon, and a brilliantly capable one for the enthusiast buyer.

Beauty, all-round refinement and sheer exhilarating power: XJ was created for the serious driver. Pure passion in motion, its strong lightweight aluminium body and innovative driving technologies deliver agility and superlative handling. XJ was created for the serious passenger too, with a spacious cabin crafted to pamper. It looks alive. It feels alive. This is the extraordinary XJ.

Purring supercharged engine

Under the XJ’s long hood purrs a 3.0-liter, supercharged V-6 engine that turns its crank to the tune of 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. I don’t feel like I’m laying the “jaguar” metaphor on too thickly by saying that the engine “purrs” because that’s just the right word for the way this engine sounds. The idling engine can be heard and even felt in the XJ’s quiet cabin, but it never becomes intrusive or obnoxious, even when making a full-bore 0-to-60 run.


Inspired design and engineering come to life in XJ: opulent good looks, coupled with compelling driving performance.
XJ’s robust capabilities are reflected in its low, wide stance and long, taut waistline. Every component has been modelled in 43,000 separate 3D simulations, covering virtual journeys of 4 million kilometres across some of the most arduous terrain in the world.


Craftsmanship combines with inventive styling to make every minute of your journey a pleasure.  XJ’s cabin is a space both contemporary and luxurious, created to appeal to the senses. Comfort and quality reign supreme with form hugging supple leather and crafted veneers.


A single 8-inch Touch-screen in the centre console provides multi-function control for Sat Nav, Audio and Climate functions. It can simultaneously present entertainment for the passenger too, so while the driver is at one with the car and the road, the front seat passenger can be at one with their choice of movie. The whole system can be controlled via the voice for a hands-free experience.


XJ offers a choice of exceptional engines that are built to satisfy different driving requirements and ensure outstanding performance and handling.  They all feature 8-speed transmission for whisper-smooth gear changes, delivering a more responsive ride and fuel economy benefits. Intelligent engineering optimises fuel efficiency, helping to keep emissions impressively low across all petrol and diesel derivatives.


The feeling of being cosseted goes beyond the luxurious materials within XJ’s interior. This is a car whose advanced safety systems actively protect everyone it carries – front and rear.
The aluminium monocoque is able to absorb greater impact forces than steel. Also, the superior rigidty of aluminium allows safer, more precise, handling on the road.


Make XJ your own – start with the 15 different colour choices in either standard or metallic finish. Finesse the interior with a range of leather grains, colours and contrast stitching. A choice of precision crafted, premium wood veneers and carbon fibre finishes, along with an extensive range of Option Packs, let you mould XJ to your personal taste.

Jaguar XJ

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