Latest iPhone XS with ios 12 jailbreak successful

Breaking News iPhone XS with iOS 12 got jailbreak successfully by Pangu team. This sets a record time and shows the commitment to liberate iPhone from Apple Inc.

What is Jailbreak?

On iPhone getting root access by exploiting a vulnerability in kernel of iOS is called JailBreaking, Often Android users know this term as ROOT to get the root access of the device.

History of Jailbreak.

Until iOS 8 jailbreak used 30 to 40 days after the release time in iOS 9 and 10 it took around 120 days, surprising iOS 11 and all its updates were jailbroken quickly, however, Pangu team has surprised the iOS community by Jailbreaking an iPhone XS with A12 Chipset within a week. (Sets a new world record)

Spark Zheng who shared the screenshots of Apple iPhone XS iOS 12 on A12 Chip by a Pangu team TB.

Latest iPhone XS with ios 12 jailbreak successful


It is unclear when Pangu Team going to release it for the public.

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