PPP official website hacked

Pakistan People’s Party Official website hacked by Team MaXiMiZerS , It appears Hackers wanted to convey a message to the Co-Chairman Mr. Asif Ali Zardari which they have published on the website. 

SITE URL : http://www.pppp.org.pk/

PPP official website hacked

Hacked Domain and Mirror :-






Message appearing on the PPP’s Official website 


First of all i would like to say “Salam and ramadan Mubarak” but I have a confusion in my mind is mr asif ali zardari is muslim ? m really not sure about it because sir you always play like a tom cat xD you remember tom cat yeah ? how can you forget sir .. =p this is what you have done in policial life .. you play as a tom cat and you think all the people are like jerry mouse =)) .. you are very much missguided sir we are aware of every movement done by you .. what if we tell you how much money you have collected from Pakistani poor people han ? Duh ! .. you knw better than us sudhar ja bachay sudhar ja ayashi is dunia me to krlega tu oper ja k jawab bhi dena ha .. rahi baat pppp ki we love the original pppp that belong’s to bhutto family Zulfiqar ali bhutto was the true Legend and his daughter benazir ali bhutto you and you’r son dont even know what our country need and you wasted 5 years of Pakistan .. zulfiqar ali bhutto ko jis banday k case per phansi dee gai wo to aaj bhi zinda ha Islamabad me ye bi nai pata hoga apko sir ? Sir apko ye zaroor pata hoga k app k swiss account me kitna paisa ha :) jawab nai chahye app say mujay bus sochiyega zaroor aik dafa .. Allah jannat naseeb karay Mohtarma Benazeer bhutto ko aur Zulfiqar ali.

couple of days back another group of Hackers known as Mango Warriors Hacked PML Q Official website  , Now Team MaXiMiZerS Hacked PPP’s Official website. 

These Conservative attacks on Political Websites are being witnessed very frequently these days, are trending these days.

The PPP’s Official website is still Owned by Team MaXiMiZerS and site showing the message which you just read. 

PPP does not hold the Federal Government after last years elections, PML-N is the incharge now, However PPP has strong hold in the province Sindh but Hackers didn’t point the finger on Sindh Government performance instead they went directly onto Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari.

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