Qmobile Noir A8 – How to increase System storage in LeWa Os

I had to flash again and port LeWa back on my Qmobile Noir A8 since I found the Internal storage Partition Patch + Volume Low + SRS EQ Xperia WOW effect , after which my phone is working pretty well. Now let me go point to point so all can understand and download the patches to fix their phones as well.
 PARTITION  ( System Storage and Internal Storage ) PHONE ONLY 
When Ubaid Ur Rehman Ported on his Noir A8 it automatically did this which you can see in the screen shot on the left but when I did or most of you must have done, LeWa OS  occupied 220 MB from 1 GB System Space which is used for the apps  while keeping the Internal Storage like ICS Q version 1.9 GB ! This screen shot shows you how exactly after installing the patch zip you can fix your System Space Storage but for this the way I did I think you will all require to wipe off LeWa and do it again.
There is another way which can be tried, Just follow my Instruction see if it works.
If not than to increase you will require to do as I did which I will mention method two Tested by me.
First thing First download the file click the Icon
Method 1 – Untested 
  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Press hold Power + Volume Up  to go in CWMR  ( Start up )
  3. goto into Advanced  >   click  fix Permissions  wait till it does
  4. Go Back and go to  – Install zip from Sd Card  > Choose zip from Sd Card
  5.  Select the Zip file   ( Install it )
  6. Go Back
  7. Advanced > Wipe Delvik Cache
  8. ++Go Back +++
  9. Reboot system now .
This this method is untest on Partition while tested on SRS Effects so, there is always possibility that it might mix the Partition as well.
ELSE  METHOD 2  ( Test by me ) 
In This method you have to revise the Installation of LeWa Os  I had to because Acid was force closing Music player and Volume Fix zip fixed it ( which is after this method )
1 )  Turn off your phone

2) Press hold Power + Volume Up  to go in CWMR  ( Start up )

3) Select Wipe/Data Factory Cache.

4) Select Wipe Cache Partition.

5) Go to advanced and select wipe dalvik cache.

6) Go back to the main menu.

7) Select “Install zip from sdcard” –> “Choose zip from sdcard” –> Now select “Lewa_A8_INCPak.com_v1.zip” –> Select “Yes”

8) Go back to main menu.

9) Select ” Install zip from Sd Card  > Choose zip from Sdcard > Now Select ” lewa_os_make_sdcard_internal_memory.zip ”  > Yes

0 ) Back to main and Select Reboot

Now when your LeWa Os starts up configure it like brand new and then check your Storage from settings. There’s a confusion that it might erase all the data on your SD card well, let me clear that this patch file known as SD in actual programmers call the internal storage also SD card got nothing to do with it.

Once your System Storage Increased ( Extended ) than you don’t have to worry about next patches because we are currently working on it and by all the possible ways doing all we can !
watch out for my next post in which I will tell you about Volume Fix and SRS effect Installation
Meanwhile read the Review by Waxif Rehman as he ported on LeWa finally off the Q cursed ICS !
Just installed lewa os f0r a8 by incpak last nyt . I am m0re than satisfied with it . It has a beautiful interface completely changed the l0ok . Its smoother than bef0re its totally 0ptimized , increased perf0rmance , battery and s0und quality . In c0mparisi0n to the old ics provided by Qm0bile everything is fixed . Like the default task manager was n0t killing apps but n0w it kills the hell out , bef0re u cant select “n0ne” as l0ck screen it auto chooses “slide” but n0w fixed . The default launcher is sm0oth no need to change but old one sucked lyk hell . Bef0re battery was draining lyk water but n0w its 2x . N0w i have c0ntr0l on r0ot access , can turn on and off whenever i want . The camera app the music app the video player (720p supported  are amazing . 0verall every thing is improved and perfect there is no bug f0und yet except the fm radio (under c0nstructi0n) it wil be fixed s0on .
In addition F0r music l0vers i have f0und SrS W0W effects which can be easily p0rted and can be used thr0ugh g0ogle play music which enhances the s0und quality , gives u extreme bass , and also extreme v0lume , listen at ur 0wn risk u may bl0w up ur ears cuz its t0o l0ud . St0p waiting f0r JB N0w ! Lewa os is here its n0t less than any JB.

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