QMobile Noir A900 vs QMobile Noir i9

People ask much about which one to buy from Quad Core smartphones, these days Hottest Question is  ( Which one is the best Qmobile Noir A900 or Qmobile Noir i9 ) Although Qmobile Noir A900 is bit expense than QMobile Noir i9 but I can tell you from Noir A900 user experience he loved Noir i9 , Display size and 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Q Stock Rom.

QMobile Noir A900 vs QMobile Noir i9

QMobile Noir A900 vs QMobile Noir i9

Specifications of these both phones are mentioned below :-

Qmobile Noir A900 QMobile Noir i9
OS 4.2.1 Jelly Bean 4.4.2 Kitkat
Battery 1800 mAh 2000 mAh
Display 4.7  Ratina IPS 316 ppi 5  IPS Display 320 ppi
Internal Storage 4 GB 4 GB
Processor MT6589 MT6582
Camera 8 MP Rear / 2 MP front 8 MP Rear / 2 MP Front
LED Indicator No Yes
Smart Gesture No Yes

Let’s check

The Antutu Benchmark Result

QMobile Noir A900QMobile Noir A900 Benchmark

Qmobile Noir i9

QMobile Noir i9 Benchmark

QMobile Noir A900 vs QMobile Noir i9 – I think QMobile Noir A900 been around since quite a while Qmobile Noir i9 is new in town. INCPak has successfully rooted ( nailed ) both smartphones, already there are several Custom Roms available for Qmobile Noir A900, but Qmobile Noir i9 got none yet, we are working on it.

Price difference by QMobile is almost 2000 rupees but you can get Qmobile Noir A900 in 16500 final and Qmobile Noir i9 in 15800/-  ( Forget the actual prices set by Q Fellas ) in market they want to sell phones rest it’s you and the Q Warranty.

When Qmobile Noir A900 launched It was 22500/- now its Officially 18,800/- but available in 16,500/- this also makes me wonder why it dropped like hell. Remember those days of Qmobile Noir A8 , debut at 14,500/- went up till 17,000/- till the time discontinued price remained 14,500/- there was something special about QMobile Noir A8.

INCPak Team members are using both smartphones and we been always guiding you about the Smartphone ( Best Budget Smartphones )

3G works fine on both Smartphones, but in QMobile Noir A900 micro Sim slot and other is normal and in Qmobile Noir i9 both are normal standard size.

Verdict :-

QMobile Noir i9  is the better , Price , Size , Android Os , Features , while the built quality of these both smartphones still good.

Qmobile needs to focus on Battery timing since all the smartphone suffers from battery timing issue while using WiFi  ( Qmobile Noir i9 gives 6 hours easy with all apps processing )

Rest it is upto you to decide which one to buy :)

One other thing which makes Qmobile Noir i9 interesting is that, it’s available in various colors or you can change the back covers ( Red , Orange , Green , Black , etc.. ) Because in actual this phone is clone of  Myphone Rio which debut in August 2013.

There’s no doubt both Quad Powered Smartphones are good but even the minor thing makes huge difference.

Post updated :-

QMobile noir i9 having heatup issue which is reported by gamers specially however the camera quality much better. The price tag has been lowered 13500/- now available in the market and check INCPak ROM category you will find several INCPak Roms for QMobile noir i9.

Still the competition carries on between QMobile noir A900 vs QMobile Noir i9. Hence I wouldn’t suggest you to get any other i7 or i10 recently launched they are crap.

Check our next post QMobile noir i9 vs QMobile Noir M90 I am sure you it will update your knowledge.

We are always ready assist you on INCPakForum ( FB.com/groups/incpakforum ) technical assistance and discussion carries on 24/7.

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  1. tommorow i will buy one of them but which one? i read all comments but i m confuse which one is best…..i9 have heat issu,bettery timing issu…then why u suggest that i9 is best from a900??reply

  2. sir pls finally tell me which is better i9 or a900i?
    I saw comments in which i see that i9 facing battery timing problems…what is reason behind this?

    1. Dear Nazim ,

      Qmobile Noir i9 facing Battery timing issue due to Q Stock Rom provided we have developed 2 roms but still we are trying to fix the bugs in them , Battery timing issue has been resolved .

  3. hi i am using q mibile a900 its an amazing set i ever used 2 days of bettry timmings playing heavy games 3g works fantastic and camera is superb and ideal screen size of 4.7 which is good for pocket and bateery hd display and normal weight i think its better than i9 if i9 is beeter than why i9 is cheaper than a900… think guzs there is must be some reason behind it…. thanks and my opinion is qmobile a900

  4. plz mje itna bta den ap k qmobile i9 ka battery timing q itna km hai maine 2 din hue pushase ki hai i9 lekin mjy bht dukh hua is k battery pe yar km se km pura ek din to niklna chaiye, kese improve ho sakta hai iska battery timing, kindly guidde me

  5. maine i9 li hai aj, mjy iska battery timing bht km lag raha hai isliye tenst hun, ap plz mjy bta den k kya problm hai is k batry mein?

  6. Assalamu alaikum i want to ask that which is better in gaming internet speed and overall performance voice v60 or qmob i9 please lead me sir

      1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        plz mje itna bta den ap k qmobile i9 ka battery timing q itna km hai maine 2 din hue pushase ki hai i9 lekin mjy bht dukh hua is k battery pe yar km se km pura ek din to niklna chaiye, kese improve ho sakta hai iska battery timing, kindly guidde m

        1. Root the phone use grenify app download from play store I’ll publish to optimize your battery timing in my next post

          1. Assalamu alaikum sir plz tell me is huaweig610 performancesame as i9 isvhuaweig610 better than i9plz tell me sir

          2. There’s a difference between both i9 is better but you might want to check A900i new addition

  7. Hi guys,
    Please reply to this question,
    I know you said battery life is 6 to 7 hours, but can you please elaborate? I have a noir a8 and I’m looking to upgrade. I love qmobile mostly because of their low price and warranty.
    However I have the option of upgrading to either noir i9 or Motorola atrix HD.
    The atrix HD does not have warranty but it has a better processor. However the battery life on that is poor, with about 8 hours of heavy use.
    I get about 6 hours or less with my noir a8 using the jalay bii ROM.

    Battery life is important to me, so is the battery life of noir i9 better than a8? Can you give more details about it? Thank you so much.

    1. Battery is way better as compared to A8 , i9 Stock Rom unrooted gives the time I’ve mentioned after rooting you can always install Greenify app from play store it will save up more. to make it more efficient you can always play on some tricks.

      1. Okay thank you. So is the battery life better than a900?

        In short, you would recommend i9 over a900 right? In all aspects?

    1. Dear Arslan , I have tried 2 3G Networks ( Mobilink and Telenor ) Mobilink been the fastest, while Ufone SIM is isolated so I wasn’t able to test it was showing E because I wasn’t able to call for the settings.

      QMobile Noir i9 Processor is much faster as compared to QMobile Noir A900 – Check our Benchmark results and specifications of i9 you will see the difference.

      1. Plz mojy koi bata sakta hy k i9 best hy ya a900. mery pas a900 hy pher mai o bechta hn i9 leta hn …

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