QMobile Noir i9 Stock 4.2 Flashable ROM

Hello INCPakians, hope you are having a good day. Today, I am going to show you how to revert back to QMobile Noir i9 Stock 4.2 ROM. This tutorial is for those i9 users who have upgraded their QMobile Noir i9 to Android KitKat and want to get back to QMobile Noir i9 Stock ROM Jelly Beans. This flashing procedure is slightly different than the installtion of other ROMs. Please only proceed if you know what you are doing otherwise you’ll end up with a dead device or Invalid IMEI issue.

*Disclaimer: Neither Me nor any other member of INCPak TEAM shall be held liable for the damage done to your device after flashing this tutorial however I assure you that this process is authentic and won’t cause any damage unless you follow the instructions correctly.


  • A QMobile Noir i9
  • A USB cable
  • A stable PC with Windows 7 installed on it with compatible drivers installed on it. If you haven’t installed them before goto the link below.
  • The Files from the link below


unnamed QMobile Noir i9 Stock 4.2 ROM (MEGA link)

Secro.img Missing SECRO.IMG from the backup. MUST DOWNLOAD AND PLACE IT INSIDE THE BACKUP FOLDER i.e. !Files_to_FlashTool.

unnamed  SP FLASH TOOL

FIRST OF ALL, Please make a backup of your IMEI/NVRAM through MTKDroid Tools.


  1. Assuming that you’ve installed the drivers given inside the post whose link is provided above, we will now carry on this process.
  2. Download all the three files from the links given above and extract them on desktop. Copy the SECRO.IMG inside the !Files_to_FlashTool folder.
  3. Open SP FLASH TOOL folder and then open flash_tool.exe.
  4. Now click on the button Scatter-loading and then in the next window, browse to the extracted folder of QMobile Noir i9 Stock 4.2 ROM.
  5. Select the MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file.
  6. After that, make sure you select Firmware Upgrade from the dropdown menu just below where the scatter loading file address is given. To do that Click on Download Only which is already present there and then select Firmware Upgrade.
  7. Make sure that all the files are TICKED down below:
  8. After making sure that the files mentioned above are ticked, click on the Download (Arrow Button). 
  9. After clicking the Download button, Power OFF your device or pull out the battery. Now Connect the USB cable to your QMobile Noir i9 and insert the USB cable into the PC port. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR DEVICE IS IN TURNED OFF STATE. You can either connect the device with or without the battery, that’s upto you. Please be sure that device is completely turned OFF otherwise the process won’t start.
  10. Assuming that you performed above steps completely, the flash process should start.
  11. The whole process shall take 7-10 minutes. Please be calm and make sure you do not open anyother apps like browsers etc. because it can cause your Laptop to shutdown during the process due to excessive load which CAN cause a DEAD DEVICE. Remember, never disconnect or stop the process while in the midst, otherwise you can say goodbye to your device.
  12. After the Flash Process has completed, there will be a Green Tick confirming the completion of the flash process. Close it and disconnect your device. Power it up and wait for a few minutes.
  13. After the bootup, if you face Invalid IMEI Issue, Restore IMEI backup through MTKDroid Tools which you made in the first step.
  14. Enjoy your QMobile Noir i9 Stock 4.2 ROM



  • Ali Jee – For making this ROM and this post
  • Farhan Imaan Abro – For providing us the platform
  • All INCPak TEAM



  1. i have installed kit kit 4.4 in q mobile i9 and now when i connect to internet and search something suddenly this message appear.
    authentication via proxy server was unsuccessful.
    and also downloading problem from play store and all.
    please admin help me i am in serious problem.
    request to all friends please help me.
    just soon.

  2. when i open stock rom file . its zip file and my computer said its crupt file plx help me i want to change my flash rom
    i m w8ing of your rply help me fast plz

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