It appears as if Samsung has begun rolling the Android 4.4.2 update to Galaxy Note 3 users a bit ahead of schedule. Of course, that doesn’t mean every Galaxy Note 3 user will be seeing the update notification just yet.

To that point, the update has began in Europe, specifically in Poland. And to further detail the availability, for now it seems the update is only available using Kies and for the quad-core Snapdragon variant.


We are expecting the revise to also reach over-the-air, but so far, there hasn’t been any timeline broadcast by Samsung. The revise is reaching as construct number N9005XXUENA6, which coincidentally, is the identical type that displayed up in leaked form this past weekend. We would propose every person revise, including those who established the leaked type, but the fact they are both the identical build number does propose the leak should be steady for day to day use.

If you occur to be in Poland and bearing a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you should be on the lookout for the revise notification. Well, either that or preparing to fire up Kies and establish therevise manually. else, it appears the revise will expand to other markets over the course of the next couple of weeks. And in some situations, the next couple of months. So far we have yet to discover anything in terms of when this may reach in the US market.

Along with waiting for the update to be rolled out farther by Samsung, there is also the carrier game to play. There hasn’t been any carrier broadcasts, but as we often see — the carrieracceptance process tends to delay the overall hasten when it arrives to these kinds of Android updates. If not anything additional though, it is refreshing to glimpse the revise has begun, even if the rollout is still on the little and limited side.

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