Social Networking Hard Tips You Should Follow – Must Read !

Social Networking Hard Tips

We all are surrounded with lots of social Networking sites, but at white side where it help us to communicate with our friends and beloved ones, on the dark-black side it also comes up with cyber problems. So let us see how we can use social networking sites in a good and easy manner, away from problems 

1. Don’t be a emotional fool Maximum people when crossing from a bad secret time, they can’t hold their emotions inside them and put that on facebook by abusing someone, cursing their destiny etc etc, one thing you should remember that no one cares about your feelings so instead of putting it on facebook or any other social networking website, share with your family.2. BE CAREFUL IN CHOOSING THE DISPLAY PICTURE This tip is truly for girls who do not want to be a celebrity by night, so my tip is for you , when you selecting a display picture for any social networking website, always choose the picture in which you are with your friends , at least 4 persons will be in the pic, and if you want to put your own pic, do not grab a close look pic, have a pic which can be identified by the people you know but can not by the unknowns.

3. DON’T BE A APP ADDICTED CRAZY FELLOW Maximum people i saw on Facebook, are crazy and they want to try every app available on Facebook, the maximum Apps you using on Facebook, the maximum chances you are creating for hackers to compromise your account. We all know from past years , Facebook got pawned many times via Facebook Applications, hence choose only reputed apps rather than trying every f*cking App, like You Look Like which celebrity kinda app.

4. SWITCH OFF LOCATOR TRACKING OPTION IN SMARTPHONES If you are using social networking site like Facebook then be careful about your location tracker option, people often accidentally switch On it and then after each post their current location is being displayed there publicly, and if you lied your boss that you are sick and at home , then your last status showing current location of a shopping mall, can cost you a JOB.

5. BE PRECISE ABOUT YOUR PUBLIC INFORMATION Do not put everything about you on info area, sometimes you do not have any idea that how your public information can be used by some fakers, there are many cases of identity theft in past, this happened to mostly those people who are not regular users of facebook, hackers spy on the account, and make the same fake name account of the victim with the same info provided in the original account, and send request to all friends claiming that last account was hacked, and if the last account was not much active , people will trust on this fake account and happy to add.


Social Networking  Tips





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