How to solve force closes problem on Android?

Force close is a serious problem on Android.  No matter what hardware you are using, many Apps end up getting force closed the moment you open them. Usually force closes happen after updates. You update your firmware and reboot to see that some of your favorite Apps are getting force closes  You update an App only to see that it force closes everytime you open it. force closes

What can you do when an Android Application force closes on you? Following are some of the things you can do if an Application force closes:

  • As usual, reboot the phone! Switch off your phone!Take out the battery, sim card and replace them! Switch the phone on! And go back to see if the force close problem is solved.
  • Go to your Settings – Applications – Application Manager and clear the cache and defaults of the Application that force closes. Reboot and see if the problem persists.
  • Sometimes an Application force closes because of faulty updates. Uninstall and reinstall the application to see if that solves the force close issue.
  • If it is a stock application that force closes and you cannot remove that application from your phone, uninstall any recent updates you have made to the application.
  • Sometimes, Applications may force close when recently installed Apps clash with the Applications that force close. Figure out which recently installed Application triggered the problem and uninstall that Application.
  • If you have recently updated your firmware and that is causing the issue, you may need to go back and reinstall the firmware to solve the force close issue.
  • Sometimes the issue is with the slow internet connection you had for your phone while you were updating the application. Because of the slow connection, the application might not have been downloaded properly to your phone. Here wifi comes to your help. If you can get on to a wifi network and download the application again, it may not force close.
  • Sometimes doing a Factory Reset, if nothing works, will help you solve the issue of forced close.
  • Often, it is the fault of the developer that an Application force closes. Head over to the market and see if other users are facing a similar issue. If it is an issue with the update, you may have to live with the force close until the developer comes up with a bug fix for that.

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