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Does Google Glass Spell The End Of The Smartphone Wars?

Is the future of mobile becoming a little clearer?………..READ MORE




Microsoft planning ‘next release’ of Windows Phone for this holiday season

A new job listing over at Microsoft has revealed when the outfit is planning to serve up the next iteration of its smartphone OS……….READ MORE


iPhone 5S Rumored to Ship August 2013

It seems like only yesterday the whole world was focused on the possibility that Apple might be developing a watch………..READ MORE



Polaroid to make Socialmatic Camera a reality for fans of Instagram, recursion

Instagram owes its distinctive identity to Polaroid’s OneStep cameras; it’s now time to return the favor…….. READ MORE



Judge orders new Apple vs. Samsung trial to reevaluate $450.5 million in damage awards

Samsung has tentatively been on the hook for $1.05 billion in penalties after allegedly infringing on Apple’s patents, but that figure is about to change……. READ MORE



The ever-expanding smartphone screen: how supersized became everyday

It used to be that any smartphone screen beyond three inches was considered big — and it was, for an audience still weaning itself off of flip phones and PDAs. Flash……READ MORE



Watch Ads, Get Paid: Is This The Future Of Ad-Supported Content?

Right now you’re essentially getting paid to view our ads. OK………..READ MORE



Labor Shortage Forces Apple Manufacturer Foxconn To Move Further Inland Into China

Less than two weeks ago, shares of Apple slipped after an announcement by iPhone manufacturer Foxconn that it was…………..READ MORE



Console Wars 2013: Sony PS4 and its competitors

The current hot topic in console gaming, the just-announced PlayStation 4, is still largely an enigma. We don’t know……………….READ MORE



Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag: A Pirate’s Life 4 Me

With Ubisoft set to unveil the first official details and preview information about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on March 4………READ MORE



“We Need a Plan B for the Internet,” Warns Internet Pioneer Danny Hillis

Danny Hillis has been an Internet user since the earliest of days. He registered the third ………..READ MORE



Microsoft working to fix Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tile issues

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.8 update started rolling out in late January to existing devices, but it …………READ MORE



Bluetooth bracelet allows wireless, camera-less gesture control

We’ve been pretty excited about the Leap Motion gesture-control system, which uses paired infrared cameras…….READ MORE



The BlackBerry Z10 Might Not Be A Stunning Smartphone, But It Gets The Job Done

For the last two weeks, I’ve been using BlackBerry’s new Z10 smartphone. What I’ve found is a competent ……READ MORE



Why Apple Is Not The World’s Most Innovative Company

Apple regularly comes top of the polls that score the world’s most innovative companies. Here is the main reason why not being the most innovative bodes well for the Apple share price………..READ MORE



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