Tips to make your Android phone fast again

It has happened to the most of us that we get a new phone and its blazing fast and over time it starts to slow down. Apps start taking more time to load and the over becomes overall less responsive. This is article is about how to fix most if not all of those issues and get your Android phone fast (or close) like what it used to be like when you first bought it.

Android Phone Fast

1. Removing unused apps (obviously)

This is the most important step. You might think that it doesn’t matter and that you don’t use those apps so they aren’t affecting your phone but you will be wrong. Most of the apps even when you’re not using them are running in the background taking up system resources and on top of that your phone regularly checks for updates to those apps and use up bandwidth and resources too. This step is important to making your Android phone fast again.

2. Remove or Disable Bloatware

Bloatware includes some useless apps that come preinstalled with your Android phone. You might have thought that some of these apps cannot be removed because you don’t have the option to do so and you are right some of these apps don’t have an Uninstall option but what you can do is that you can go into settings – apps and find the app and disable it. This is also a really important step to making your Android phone fast. Disabling the bloatware apps completely shuts it down and stops it from using up any resources.

3. Free up phone storage space

Next you wanna check your phone storage and free up some space if you’re running low on it. Check if you have any videos or pictures on the phone storage and move those to your SD card. You can also check if any app is saving data to phone storage like pictures from different messengers and move those to your SD card too. Clearing app cache will also help to free up space. Cache data accumulates over time and it can take up a lot of space. Remember to only clear Cache and NOT clear the app data itself because that makes the app like it was when you first installed it logging you out from your accounts and and losing all the data on the app. This helps making the Android phone fast because apps need some amount of storage to function and if that storage is low it will cause over all low performance from apps.

4. Using less widgets

This will mostly benefit older phones with less RAM. It helps to clear your homescreen from too many widgets because it takes up a lot of resources like running apps simultaneously even though you’re only at the homescreen. Especially remove those that update very frequently.

5. Don’t use Battery/RAM optimization apps

These apps do more harm than good. These don’t make any difference whatsoever and use up more resources. It is best to avoid such apps and just use the system’s builtin function to clear open apps when needed.

6. Factory reset the device (last resort)

This is not the most convenient step but if all else fails it will help to factory reset the device and start fresh. Remember to back up all important data first because it will remove all data present on the phone storage.

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