Top 10 Google searches in Pakistan for 2019

Google has unveiled the top 10 Google searches in Pakistan for the year 2019. These searches have been put into three categories each by Google with each category having 10 of the most searched terms in that specific category.

top 10 google searches
Top Google searches for 2019 from Pakistan.

Let’s start off with the entertainment category which Google has termed “Movies & TV” after which we will look into the “People” category followed by sports “searches” as the last category.

Top 10 searches from Pakistan for “Movies & TV” category according to Google are:

We can see that many of the local dramas made it to the list with Ehd-e-Wafa being the most searched local television darama followed by Suno Chanda Season 2. Although, the top position is however taken by Avengers Endgame which is to be expected. The second spot is taken by Bigg Boss Season 13. Other then Bigg Boss, Kabir Singh and Gully Boy are other terms related to Indian content that were searched from Pakistan.

Top 10 searches for “People” are:

We can see from the list that Naimal Khawar is the top person searched by Poeple in Pakistan. Naimal Khawar is a Pakistani actress and model who debuted her acting career the with 2017 film Verna. She then rose to fame even more with her role in the TV serial/drama, Anaa. The list goes on with other local celebs being searched like the Late Waheed Murad followed by Pakistani cricketer, Babar Azam in third place.

Now we come to our final category of random sports “searches” according to Google.

Top sports searches for the year 2019 are:

These searches mainly circle around Cricket which is normal since it is the most popular sports being watched by Pakistani people. Even though Hockey is recognized as our official sport, cricket is still the more popular one.

These were the top searches from Pakistan for these categories for the year 2019 according to Google trends.

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