ToTok app developers deny spying allegations

The developers behind the messaging app ToTok have responded to the allegations that the app was being used to spy on users and hand over information to the UAE government saying that these accusations are false. ToTok app developers said that the company’s main priority has always been privacy.

totok allegations
ToTok messaging app.

The developers came forward after the app was accused of spying for the UAE government getting them information about users such as location data, sound and images. The app was taking off the App Store and Google Play Store by Apple and Google respectively. You can read about the details over here.

The company made a statement on their website saying:

In this holiday season of joy and celebration, we would have preferred not to dignify those who manufacture lies with a direct response. But as ToTok cofounders, we are personally compelled to speak up for ourselves and for our users,

ToTok in their response included the allegations that were made about the lack of security saying:

Here is the fact – since day one, we have built ToTok with user security and privacy as our priority. Don’t just take our word for it. A technical analysis by a former NSA employee has concluded ToTok “simply does what it claims to do, and really nothing more… no exploits, no backdoors, and no malware,

The statement went on to add:

Here is the irony – this technical analysis was actually requested by the same people who initiated the defamation of ToTok,

The company said that users have complete control over what data is shared by them and that all these allegations cannot be further from the truth. The developers also said that they are confident that Google and Apple will reinstate the app back on their respective app store.

ToTok gained a lot of popularity worldwide and especially in the Middle East recently getting millions of downloads in a matter of months since it’s launch.

Right now there is no information on when the app will be added back on the App Store and Google Play Store or even if it is going to come back to these app stores.

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