TouchWiz V1.2 for Qmobile Noir A8

We are back we with TouchWiz version 1.2 which is more stable and efficient for QMobile Noir A8. Constantly we been testing and updating it ( after fixing the Bugs ) now here’s the latest version of it available for you all to download. This is not exactly a port but custom ICS modified with TouchWiz UI, apps and widgets. Enjoy beautiful S3/S4 like interface on Qmobile.


    • TouchWiz UI and Widgets
    • Samsung Wallpapers
    • Samsung apps
    • JB OS Camera and Gallery
    • Latest Google PlayStore
    • Google Music Player + SRS effects
    • Zip Aligned
    • Google Now
    • Rooted
    • Stable and smooth

Bugs Fixed

– Replaced Camera with more features JB version

– Radio Working

– GPS working

Let’s have a look what’s inside TouchWiz




TouchWiz Version 1  Camera was different, It had two major Issues 1. Can’t record HD 2. Flicking so Camera replaced with LeWa Version which has all the features you want and working perfectly.

Task Manager ( Built In ) 

Task Manager INCPak 2Task Manager INCPak1

One of the best Task Manager which Exits the apps which are active on the back end This would help you to recover RAM and Storage quick just a one click away !


TouchWiz Interface INCPak

Simple Widget Clock Date and Time comes along with it, you can check for more Widgets which are in this TouchWiz Version 1.2 and also you can download any you want.



Currently I am using Viber, Whats app , Facebook, Skype, Gmail and many other apps which constantly stay on, you can see that there is enough RAM available ! Personally I like Advanced Task Manager which I would recommend to all, because it kills apps automatically as you fix the time after how long and its very useful app, Doesn’t occupy much Ram !



SRS ( WOW ) effects, The one you get in Media Player in your Windows, sound quality is great if you are using any Good Quality Headphones !

Music Player  TouchWiz INCPak

Scollable Album / Folder wise gives it interactive look !

Text Messaging 


TouchWiz_Text INCPak

The Android Keyboard same as you been using in Stock one, but Google Voice makes its the most interesting feature just switch on the Google Voice and Speak, very accurate and easy to use, Recommend this for those who use the phone while driving.

I personally love it !

Overall I think we have nailed the Q Version Stock ICS ! I am currently checking this version 1.2 and I will update the post as well Ubaid will do the same.

Here’s the method and Download link !




This is a Flash-able Zip file that can be flashed only from ClockWorkMod Recovery ( CWMR ) . Make sure that your phone is ROOTED before Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery. If your phone is not ROOTED than first Root Procedure and require files are there on the post click the post below :-

How To Root QMobile Noir A8 

How To Root A8

Click Above for Root Method with complete Instructions , detailed ! 

And for Installing CWMR

1) Download MobileUncle MTKTools from play store.
2) Download CMWR file from either of these links.
Link IRecovery.img )

3) Copy CMWR(Recovery.img) to your SD card.
4) Open MobileUncle MTKTools software, select recovery update option and then select recovery.img file that you copied in to SD.

Follow these steps very carefully:

1. Download (278.6 MB)

Download - INCPak



2. Copy the downloaded file on your SD-CARD.

3. Power off your phone.

4. Turn your phone on in recovery mode (by pressing VOLUME UP + POWER buttons).

5. Make a backup.
Select “backup and restore”. And then select “backup”. When it is done select “Go Back”.

6. Select Wipe/Data Factory Cache.

7. Select Wipe Cache Partition.

8. Go to advanced and select wipe dalvik cache.

9. Go back to the main menu.

10. Select “Install zip from sdcard” –> “Choose zip from sdcard” –> Now select” –> Select ”Yes”

11. Go back to main menu and select Reboot.


If you like to add TouchWiz like weather widget/clock. Download it from here or playstore


We’ll be updating this post with updates to keep checking !

INCPak Team.

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  1. Bugs that i noticed are..
    1. samsung keyboard not working
    2. Ukrainian symbols in phone
    3. Ukrainian symbols in contacts
    4. two apps for clock

    and i think the percentage battery was better.
    gallery of last touchwiz rom was better.

    1. Agree with 1st three bugs and super user doesn't allow titanium backup although i granted root privileges

  2. In last touch wiz rom which u uploaded before, i am having problem that i wasn't able to move my apps in sd card , i only had option to move to phone memory or internal storage, my card was working fine all data was there n i can read n write on it.I changed write disk option n preferred disk option. I dnt knw y. Few apps were moved to sd card but i dnt knw when that option gone. N now no app moves to sd even app itself allows to move on sd. Will w8 for ur reply. Thnks

  3. wanted to report a bugs in this ROM kindly fix it and provide a patch

    1. lots of Russian symbols mostly in dialer , contacts list scroll and tone selections ( they still remain even if you change everything to English US)

  4. Before Flashing TW v1.2 zip file

    Pls Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache, Wife Dalvik Cache(in ADVANCE)

  5. I am facing this issue, in CONTACTS, there are other language's alphabets as well with Englsih, i cant scroll to 'N'
    there is russian alphabets in CONTACTS and in DIALER as well, plz fix this, also there are russian named ringtones in SYSTEM TONES, when i set SMS tone from SYSTEM TONES, it doesnt ring but when i set it from LOCAL, it rings, also sound has gone a bit low compare to previous TW version, pls look into this

  6. URGENT Help Please!
    I'm getting the error "Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped".
    Please advise what to do so I can enjoy this ROM

    1. I am facing the same prob on my A8. Upon boot as soon as you are finished with the configuration of your android. The home screen crashes. error "Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped". and nothing proceeds from thereon

  7. yar is rom mai aik bug hy contact wala.contacts mai jain to alphabets thk trha nai atay jahan se search kerty hy nichy dusri lang mai atay hy wo kesey solve kerain plzz post a solution.and bhai yeh messeging limit kesey khatam kerni hy iska b koi solution dedo plzzz.

  8. Well I dont know why but the TouchWiz Home is not working on my mobile! Its just simply not starting and shutting down by itself, but the settings area is accessible and I didnt had the chance to check anything else cause of home shutting down!

  9. Farhan bhai can u give a screenshot of perfect equiliser setting! i m unable to create a good one… help me out. Another thing is that samsung keyboard is not working… thanks

    1. keyboard u can add by installing and EQ setting once headphone are connected all features will get activated – setting depends on English western and indian music ( differs )

  10. Thanks faree for all ur support for the owners of noir a8……Ab to lagta he nai k china ka set ha lolxx….. Thanks alot for the rom and also for

    1. Your welcome Humayum ! Actually possibilities are endless once we all unite and work as a team, it was never as easy for anyone to wipe off Q but now we are tasting different flavors on the same phone Xperia is Next :)

  11. frndz there is no urdu language not for writing nor for reading , plz add a zip patch for this bug , another request of mine is that plz change the back ground of call theme as well as change the msg theme, 2ndly change the boot image to samsung's one .

    1. we are working on the urdu language patch hopefully update it as well as BG and start up logo we'll update with INCPak – Empowering Youth

  12. u people(INCPAK Team) are seriously rocking, appreciate ur free services for Android, i hav no words to thank you all :)

          1. simply unable to download from the link above, it always stuck towards the end, please, please upload somewhere else!

          2. at the end downloading may seems as if nothing is happening but in few minutes download files gets on your browser once its 99 or 100 done

          3. uploading processing on G'Drive it will be done hopefully with in couple of hours link will be added … specially for you :)

      1. will let u know the result, but so far excellent :)

        best wishes and duas for all INCPAK team members

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