White Ice Rom for QMobile Noir A8 Screenshots + Download link

White Ice Rom for QMobile Noir A8 – It is very much clear that INCPak Team member, Syed Ahmed Ali Shah is unstoppable, he is about to make Guinness Book of world  of THE FASTEST ROM PORTER in the UNIVERSE :P

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah is like  Been there, Done that ! Fella o.O  Believe it or Not !!!!

Those of you like the white chilling interface, here’s White Ice Rom for you Guys…

Qmobile Noir A8 Users are the most luckiest one, specially INCPak.com website been the HUB for them.


White Ice Rom Download Link

URL : http://www.mediafire.com/download/qwx4hcwq5ng8zqh/WHITE_ICE_ROM_A8.zip


White Ice Rom – Screenshots 

QMonbile Noir A8




White and Cool Blue Dialer looks great :)

This is the best one, seriously personally I was sick of Black , I like the White and Cool Blue combination but I am done with QMobile Noir A8 –  Retired X  A8 Militant :P


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