Xperia Z experience on Noir A8 – Faree’s Review

First of all I would like to Thank Ubaid Ur Rehman for making all this possible for all of us, It wasn’t a easy task at all to port or to modify Custom Roms for Qmobile phones but one after another for Noir A8 and A9 even A10 we been adding Roms in Custom Rom category on INCPak website.

Lately I been busy but tonight took a timeout to write and share with you all about Xperia Z Rom on Noir A8 which personally I am using at this moment, So I wanted to highlight some of it’s features Pros and Cons

Let’s get started with Pros 

– The User Interface very rich in quality, from no where it seems that I am using Qmobile Noir A8 anymore which makes the difference obvious.

– I use multiple apps which are constantly on like ( Viber , Skype, Gtalk, What’s app, Facebook and Twitter etc. ) Then again I’ve got 130+ RAM Free which certainly is the plus point.

– Walkman audio player does not have the options like Lewa ( with Lyrics ) but sound quality is damn good, effects ( Room , Club, Hall etc.. ) makes the music experience just awesome.

– Xperia Z Rom comes along with its own widgets like weather, time and many others almost you can say this rom competes with TouchWiz Jelly Bean 4.1.1 previously released by INCPak Team but TouchWiz had battery draining issue since its based on 4.1.1 JB and this one is 4.1.2 there’s a difference.

– Xperia Facebook yet I am sure about the fully features but I can say that Sony experience makes it much greater.

– Camera is JB one, photo quality and the video recording is just as good as Jelly Bean Stock one but Interface makes lot of difference because Sony Make.Believe  Like.No.Other  No doubt.

– Battery Timing is so far good, had no issue neither I am charging twice a day but easily it gets me 8 to 10 hours net usage on WiFi since I don’t use on GPRS which is too slow for my work

– Dialer , Contact , Phone Book etc… no where you will find Chinese nor Russian language.

– Pretty Neat and Clean

– Default browser is great

– GPS working

Now come to the Cons 

– Xperia Z lags a bit, the active operation of the phone gets bit slower than usual but Aleem Ashraf said its laggy ! so different views are coming where as so my personal view I would say a bit not but, bearable.

– Settings button on the main usually everyone use it frequently doesn’t work in this its like only two default buttons are functioning in this but if you know how to get quickly in setting from notification gears or icon on the desktop it wont bother you.

– At the end of the day you need to reboot your phone to drop off unwanted apps activate on the back end there is no direct CLEAN button one click like lewa but its good to charge your phone in off mode.

– using too many widgets makes the phone slower which means Xperia Z experience is actually made for 1 GB RAM and faster processor rest there is no bug or issue.

Here’s the Download Active Links for Noir A8 and A9

A8 (Dev-Host)


A8  (4shared)


A8 (NeedRom)




I am not getting time to record the Review of this ROM but InshaAllah I will try my best to add the view review for all the Installation method and Instructions . share with me your experience of Xperia Z on Noir A8 and A9 as well. Spoken with Ubaid about TouchWiz Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Version which hopefully is the next since now Noir A8 users has the options to turn their phones into different ones easily instead of selling and buying others.

Keep smiling and Stay Blessed !

Allah Hafiz.

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  1. Don't use the A9 ROM, my A9 has already been bricked with it. Stay away from it as it requires the ROM to be installed through SP flash tool and after installation, there was a dead A9. rather go for Mizwa or WCP JB v2.4 ROM. These are the best and with no bugs whatsoever.

  2. 1. LED menu button not working only on Home Screen
    2. When i receive call, the middle slide button is a bit out of screen, look at screenshot
    3. Battery is draining faster than any of the Previous ROMS, its like Q's ICS battery bug is back in Xperia JB

    1. And also another problem. Phone charging is very very slow. it took 3 hours to charge my phone from 25% to 80 %.

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