40 models arrested over naked photoshoot in Dubai

Entire group of International models has been arrested and sent behind the bars by the Dubai law enforcement agency, after the assembly was spotted posing stripped on a balcony. The activity went against public decency laws set by the authorities. Hence, by doing so, the 40 membered, cluster has disappointed the Emirati society, and now rots in prison, with a heavy penalty amount waiting at the other end.

models arrested Dubai
40 models arrested over naked photo shoot in Dubai

United Arab Emirates is known to be one of the sternest states to follow Islamic principles and teachings. And, therefore, as a religious country, UAE has set some firm ground rules, obliged to be adopted by the whole population. With that being said, even though Dubai is a universally acclaimed tour destination, the sightseers are requested to put up with state’s rulebook, and are charged with huge fines and long prison on misconduct.

Moreover, acts like publicly kissing, living together without marriage, and spread of vulgarity and obscenity also goes against the Emirati set standards, and are therefore, firmly prohibited. And, anyone who performs the illegal activity that leads to UAE’s ‘violations of the public decency’ law is charged with penalties of up to six months in prison and a 5,000 dirham ($1,360) fine.

Going against the UAE’s public decency law include nudity and other lewd behavior. Meanwhile, the sharing of pornographic material is also punishable with prison time and hefty fines under the country’s laws. 

Hence, 40 female models, based in Dubai at present, have landed them in hot waters recently after the video of the group violating Sharia laws went viral on the internet.

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40 models arrested and jailed in Dubai  

The incident took place at the noteworthy Marina neighborhood, on Saturday, where 40 female models were arrested and fined with penalty in Dubai. The female performers were lined in a balcony preparing for a naked photoshoot, staged in Dubai by Russian photographer, Alexey Konstov.

Talking about the offensive incident and models arrested in Dubai, human rights advocate Radha Stirling stated, “People have been arrested for wearing T-shirts deemed to be offensive yet they were out there in plain sight of the rest of the buildings.”

Radha also added the naked photoshoot is believed to be a part of Israeli porn channel.

 “Initially we were being told that it was the Israeli branch of a US adult website and now we are hearing that it’s an Israeli porn channel,”

Hence, the models performing in naked photo shoot, Dubai, have been announced with 6 months in jail by police department, UAE over flouting the public decency law.

Here to mention, all of the 40 models arrested and detained in Dubai   are from former Soviet states. They are all understood to be from Russia, Belarus and Moldova, with 11 confirmed as Ukrainian by the country’s foreign ministry. Also, the 40 women are believed to age from late teens to early 20s.

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