Afghan Taliban and US to sign historic peace deal

The Afghan Taliban and United States are all set to sign a historic peace deal in Doha today that will end the 18 years old war that has plagued the country.

Taliban Doha Peace US President Trump Mehmood Qureshi Foreign Minister
Taliban all set to sign the peace deal with United States bringing an 18 year old war to an end.

Pakistan will be represented by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at the signing ceremony of the agreement in Doha today along with representatives from fifty different countries according to the Foreign Minister. United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also be present and overseeing the signing of the peace deal.

The Taliban delegation has already arrived in Doha, Qatar for the signing of this peace deal.

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The peace deal would have the US withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in return for insurgent guarantees. This peace agreement is a very important step towards peace for the country and a great opportunity.

These negotiations have been in works for a long time now and hit a block last year in September 2019 when a US soldier was killed by the Taliban and US President Trump called off any peace talks with the Taliban.

Pakistan has played a major role in getting both sides to talk and now finally, the agreement is set to be signed that will not only benefit Afghanistan but also neighboring Pakistan.

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